Wednesday, May 15, 2013

We've Been Engaged for One Year...

...and we'll be married in three days!

It is amazing to me to think that I have been planning this wedding for one year now.  The time has flown so fast, and I have worked so hard on decorations and plans (that I of course can't wait to share with you all once the wedding is over and I've spent lots of time with the new hubby on our cozy mountain honeymoon that we are so excited about)!

In honor and remembrance of such a fantastic year with my fiancé, and of the fun of being a fiancée, and the fact that in three days I will no longer be using those words... here is a small recap of the past year:

He asked on OU's beautiful campus May 15, 2012!

Our first kiss in the spoon-holder! (An OU tradition/superstition).

Looking for a venue!

A "Welcome" quilt from my mother-in-law!

Wedding dress shopping with my best friend!

Finding our beautiful wedding venue!

Back to school!

Our first Christmas on actual Christmas Day!
Before we were either at our respective families or I was in China.

My friend got married!

(Then Tyler and I caught our first stomach bug together.  NO FUN...and definitely NO PICTURES! )

We always have coffee love!  (Duh!)

Our wedding shower, with the best man and matron of honor.

Last month of college for Tyler!!!

Tyler graduated this past weekend, so that is SUPER exciting...not to mention (again) that we'll be married in three days, which in my opinion is even more super exciting!  What a crazy few weeks, but so exciting and so worth it!

What a great year it has been to be the fiancée of Tyler!

So until next time, think of me with excitement, anticipation, and...of

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