Thursday, May 9, 2013

How I asked my Bridesmaids...

If you tuned in last week, you saw how I asked my flower girls if they wanted to be...well, my flower girls.  This week, similarly, I am going to show how I asked my bridesmaids!  Their names are Deana (my matron of honor), Sherry (my best roommate and Chinese friend and plain awesome friend ever), and Kelsey (my almost sis-in-law!)  I'm so glad each of these girls can be here, and my life wouldn't be near the same without them.

My bridesmaid cards are similar to the flower girl cards, so if you wanted to see how I made them, check out my flower girl post.

Just like last week's cards, I used scrapbook paper to make everything.  I used my handy-dandy cutter to cut the 12 in pieces in half, then folded each 6 x 12 into thirds.  Then, you have first flap, second flap, and then a long space for a message.

My first flap for Deana's card...
(My apologies for poor quality, these pictures were taken with my iphone before it drowned. RIP dear iphone)
I always make my first flap the most decorative, the second flap will have important information, and the middle section is always for something more personal.

What special ways did you ask your girlfriends to be a part of your wedding?

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  1. Found you on Keeping It Simple's Motivate Me Monday Link Party! Glad I found you! I was curious how you asked your bridesmaid and wanted to share my story! (No pics unfortunately :()

    I bought ring pops and little boxes I filled with crepe paper...I placed the rings in the box and had a cute little rhyme on a card I placed inside. It was almost like I was proposing to them! They loved it! Everything was a dollar at the dollar store woot! Congrats on your new marriage!


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