Sunday, July 8, 2012

First Run of Wedding Dress Shopping

So, as I told you, yesterday was my first day to go try on wedding dresses.  It was lots of fun to go with my mom and my best friend and her mom!  Wouldn't have been the same without them!

  While I know I can't show you pictures of the dresses out of tradition's sake (yeah, they actually let us take pictures...we were surprised we didn't have to sneak them), I thought I'd share few snippets of the day.

Deana and I being silly with veils!
  We went to David's first, and they were pretty busy.  Luckily we got to be next to each other and try on new dresses at the same times!  Our dress consultant was lots of fun...and one of my favorite moments was her surprise when I showed her my list of "Dresses I Do NOT Like."  It makes perfect sense to me that the dresses you do not like are actually more important than the ones you do...but apparently in her 9 years of experience no one had ever brought her a list of no-go's.  Her reaction was, to say the least, hilarious.

  We each tried on maybe 4-6 dresses?  To be honest, I don't remember it all.  (Remember that I had to work the graveyard shift at work the night before, so my memory was a bit out of tune.)  We realized we were running late to our next appointment at Pomp and Pageantry, and so we left to head back to South OKC.

  By this point, I was getting so tired I didn't care whether I tried more dresses on or not.  But I wanted to see the possibilities as to think about them later, so I tried some more on.  Here's the picture my Mom took of me when I'd decided I was done trying on dresses.

Me being 'oh so tired.'
  It was such a fun day!  The only think I would have changed would be to not have worked the night before, but its hard to change what other people decide, so you have to do it anyway. One thing's for sure, I will enjoy my next few days off to make up for my lack of sleep the past week!  I might even take a few craft endeavors...or tan...or something.

I really need to tan.

I look like a vampire.

Thanks midnight shift for making me a vampire.

I guess its good vampires are in style right now.

Ok, I'll stop rambling!  Good day, Coffee Readers... until next time!

Oh, yes.  I forgot to add that I did not pick a dress yesterday.  Although I stated in my last few posts that I would be surprised if they had anything some ways I was very right...except for a couple dresses, but they were still not "perfect."  So, maybe I will get over it and deal with a slightly less than perfect dress, or continue the search. that's really all for today.



  1. Good luck on your next wedding dress shopping trip! And I look forward to your upcoming craft endeavors :)

    1. Thanks Jos! Hopefully somehow someway a dress will turn up! I'm also looking forward to more sewing from your blog! :)


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