Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A Venue Success!

  Finally.  I believe what is most likely the biggest hassle of the wedding planning is coming to a close:  the venue.  Yeah, yeah...we all see those amazing pictures on Pinterest that make us think that beautiful countryside weddings are more cost efficient, and fool us into thinking they are easy to find.  Let me ruin your hopes:  they aren't.  Cost efficient, they may SOMETIMES be, but easy to find they are not.  Not even in the good ole agricultural state Oklahoma.

  Another thing that has been tough to find while searching for the right venue is a place that lets a DIYer be a DIYer.  Any place that markets weddings also expects that everyone wants a package deal with everything done for you.  Well, they were wrong in thinking that DIYer control freaks like me don't get married.  Sorry, I don't want your overpriced and mandatory rental of the tablecloths, candle holders and dorky centerpieces that are in the pictures of every other person who got married at your location.

Finally though, finally, we sent the check in the mail for a quaint little cabin with small lakes (okay really ponds, but lakes sound better) on each side of it.  Its small and cozy, but hey...everyone will be family, and what more opportunity to get to know each other than a cozy cabin?  Now let me say this: this will be no black tie event.  We are looking forward to designing a wedding that will allow everyone to relax and enjoy our time together, rather than structure everything so much that we get to say no more than a few sentences to our guests.  

I'll share one picture from our visit to the cabin, and you can also be excited about the fun that's to come!
Yes, yes...those are canoes.  :)
Love-with a warm cup of joe, pending homework and a lot of excitement about this venue!

EDIT:  View my post wedding review of Deer Creek Lodge here!


  1. Oh man I'm betting yall can get some pretty awesome unique wedding pics in those canoes!!

    1. Oh, you know it girl. Just as long as SOMEONE doesn't rock the boat. ;) haha

  2. I am planning my wedding.. where is this or places like this to have a country wedding in oklahoma

    1. Shelby, I'm so sorry I missed your comment! Must have missed it while we were on our honeymoon.
      This venue is in Davis, Oklahoma. I have another post with other options we found when we were planning our wedding may find it helpful.


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