Tuesday, June 19, 2012

"Welcome" | Quilts, Family, and Fun

Good Tuesday evening to you all, Coffee readers!

  Today I'm going to share a little more about wedding planning and being engaged...and ya'know, the fun stuff!

  This morning, I had the pleasure of getting breakfast with my future mother-in-law and future sister-in-law.  I haven't been around much since the end of school, so it was fun to catch up, talk about Tyler behind his back ;) and start planning things for the new stage of the family.  Today I received my official unofficial induction, since we still have about a year left before I get the last name!  Check it out!

Umm....YAY!  :)

Here is the front of it, it is a wall hanging quilt that Tyler's mom made us.  Isn't she talented?  The five stars represent the (upcoming) five Smiths...once I am a Smith sometime soon!  :)

 (Sorry, it was windy windy Oklahoma today...I wanted natural light but couldn't keep it still!)

Here's a picture of it flat, but indoor light just doesn't work out as well.

Okay, so...bragging rights earned.  My new future family is such a sweet family!  

This is us at the Oklahoma City Zoo in April!

  Since Val has offered to make Tyler and I a quilt for our married life, my life in the upcoming weeks will entail browsing quilt patterns and colors in my spare time to figure out what my quilt style is.  Then Tyler and I will converge our ideas and thoughts and figure out a good color scheme and such.  Believe it or not, Tyler is quite knowledgeable about quilts, so I'm a bit on the lacking end when it comes to prior knowledge.  But just this one time.  ;)  I have lots of learning, reading and browsing to do before I'll have any ideas, but rest assured, I have a Pinterest...so...I can do this! (Pinterest solves ALL problems!)

  I'll post more on this topic later once I've done some more research about patterns, colors and stuff!


Making Coffee Cubes for a Coffee Smoothie later tonight before work. Oh yeah, and I drank the rest of that. :) 

P.S.  Coffee is pretty much my FAVORITE color scheme...if you couldn't tell, so I'm sure that will play some part in my and my Coffee Darling's decision-making. :)

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