Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Remembering 2013

Okay, so I meant to post this yesterday, but we threw a New Year's Eve party and I just didn't get the chance to finish the post.  But 2013 was a great year, so it is worth remembering even a day late in my book!

To kick off 2013, I got to be in my best friend's wedding and in a wedding party for the first time ever!  It was great to see her on her happy day, and it was also nice to get some practice in before my wedding as well!

Ice skating at least once a year is a must!  We got to go with new friends, old friends, newlywed friends, and meet Tyler's best man's girlfriend!

The spring semester of 2013 was also the time for me to be completing all my wedding plans!

And with wedding planning, school, and work comes stress.
That's why it is also a must to take lots of picture dates with your future husband and go to Starbucks!

Wedding planning and school at the same time also means having a tidy desk is impossible.

Spring time also means these lovely flowers come out, which means my guy had better pick me some, which means I usually get them!  I love Indian Paintbrushes!  (And if you want to know why they're even sweeter than they've ever been read my engagement story).

About a month before the wedding these lovely ladies threw me a bachelorette party!

My bestie also threw us a lovely wedding shower!

A week before the wedding, this smart guy graduated from OU!

We got ready for the wedding and had the rehearsal the night before at Deer Creek Lodge!

 We got married on May 18th!

Before leaving on the honeymoon, we dropped off our marriage license!
Officially married!

We drove to Santa Fe for our Honeymoon!

We moved into our first apartment together!

We went on our first married road trip (besides the honeymoon) to visit my family in Shreveport!  Tyler had never met the wild side of my family, so he got to have that experience within our first few weeks of marriage!

During our first summer in OKC, we found a few adventurous places to explore like Martin Park and spend time at the pool!

OU football season began and we went to a few games!

Camping and Kayaking at Beaver Bend for T's birthday, which was SO fun...except for being rained out, but we can overlook that part.

We did the OKC Color Run in October, which was great since we got to meet several other Oklahoma bloggers!

 Fall began!

What does the Fox Say became popular and annoyed my husband.

We visited Red Rock Canyon State Park.  The husband camped overnight with his friends, and I visited them the next day!

We celebrated our best friends' with a wedding shower/celebration!

Right before Thanksgiving it snowed in Oklahoma!  (That's crazy).  And it's snowed or iced twice since then...okay winter weather, just so you know we normally don't have real snow until January and February!

I participated in the Snail Mail Collective and got a package from Anwesha!

Tyler and I documented our first Christmas as a married couple!

 I had my first commissioning job to build and paint some birthday party decorations! {See the shop tab or contact me for more info!}

We attended one last wedding of 2013 of our college friends Trey and Lydia!

All winter so far the ducks have been cracking me up when they walk and sit on the ice.

Lastly, we hosted our first New Year's Eve party and spent time with great friends!

We learned to play Mahjong, a very popular Chinese game!

Then we played Tyler's favorite game, Wildcatter!

Extra happy to have spent time with these two newlyweds!

Happy New Year everyone!  Looking forward to another great year (and more pretty Oklahoma sunrises!)


  1. Isn't is crazy how fast this year has gone by? So many great and wonderful things for you this year!

    1. I know, it went so fast! I can't believe we've been married more than half a year...I remember a year ago realizing how little time I had left to complete getting ready for the wedding, and now it's long gone!

  2. What a jam-packed year! I love Mahjong on the computer, but have no idea how one plays it with others and with real pieces, looks interesting! Happy New Year :)

    1. Hah! I had no idea it was a computer game! Makes sense I guess. It reminded me a lot of Phase 10, where the first person to get the right amount of sets wins the game.

  3. this is cute and intimate god bless you

  4. I love how many pictures you took through out the year! Its a great way to remember a full year.

    1. Oh goodness, and this isn't even the beginning of the photos! 2013 was a great year, I'm so glad to be able to look back at it! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, and happy new year!


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