Saturday, July 20, 2013

Afternoon Date at Martin Park Nature Center in OKC

Today, Tyler and I took an afternoon outing to Martin Park Nature Center and Trails here in Oklahoma City.  I found about the little park from Travel Oklahoma's website, but wasn't expecting it to be much.  From the pictures I saw, it looked like a brushy area with a creek.

We were pleasantly surprised today by how much fun we actually had there - and it is only about a 15 minute drive from our apartment!  We spent about 2 hours total watching the animals, reading the signs, hiking, and playing in the water.  There is one area that reminded us of Turner Falls where you could walk across shallow rocks with water flowing over them.

They have tons of bird houses, and lots of water areas where there are turtles and fish.

  We saw TONS of turtles and fish, and what is super fun is they encourage you to bring dog food or cat food with you to feed them!  We'll be bringing some next time we go for sure!  They don't encourage bread and crackers, though, since it isn't as nutritious for the animals.

We tried to take pictures of the turtles, but they didn't turn out.  Unfortunately my camera died as soon as I turned it on when we arrived, so we took all of our pictures with Tyler's phone.  All our turtle pictures ended up only being a reflection of trees in the water.  This picture turned out okay, and you can sort of see how many turtles there were.

We hiked the trails after seeing the turtles and playing in the water!

After we finished, we headed over to eat some BBQ!  Yum.

We are enjoying finding new free things to do in Oklahoma City...and we're thinking this will be a popular Saturday afternoon date spot for us!

What things do you do for fun that are free in your city or region?


  1. We have a walking trail close to here, and the lake. Both are filled with fun ways to enjoy time with each other for free. :)

    Visiting today from Let's Get Sunday Social.

    1. Rosey, those both sound fun! It doesn't need to be expensive when the goal is just spending time together! Thanks for stopping by!


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