Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Red Rock Canyon State Park (Oklahoma)

Last weekend, my husband and some of his guy friends from church went camping at Red Rock Canyon State Park - not far west from Oklahoma City. You may remember that I stayed home for the night, but the next day I drove over to see the guys and take them some food.  

Funny side story, they didn't "forget" food per se, they just didn't use any of their smart phones to check and see if there was a walmart nearby.  They assumed there was a walmart, and there wasn't a walmart...so they didn't have food the next morning.  Well, I wasn't of much help for them, because I'm a night owl and I stayed up late and thus slept in.  It isn't like they were starving to death - they had cars.  Plus, what was to keep them from killing a bear and eating it raw...besides that Oklahoma doesn't really have a lot of bears.

Anyway, the next day after I slept in and took my sweet time getting ready I headed out to buy them some more food and go for a visit.  After I got there, Tyler and I went up a small trail.  It wasn't much, but I think what was the most beautiful about the trail were the various plants.  They were almost like your typical pasture plants, but seemed much more beautiful and with a lot more variety.  I'm almost sure they took care to make sure these plants grew here.

I took some pictures that I thought were just gorgeous.  I used my super awesome professional camera, the iPhone 4s.  (But seriously, I was impressed with the photos since they were actually coming from this device!) If you follow me on Instagram, well...sorry.  This will be your second time to see most of these photos.  I just couldn't help myself.  I did tell you I was impressed, so you can't blame me for posting them twice.


Cedar Berries - I used to play with these when I was a kid.  My friends and I would pick them, put them in bowls and pretend we'd made dinner.  Oh, and don't they just remind you of winter and Christmas??

This little plant is just gorgeous!

Are these wild grapes??

This path looks really inviting.

Why are winding roads and beautiful trees so perfect?

The trail was absolutely gorgeous!  I was surprised by the diversity in the plants!

Not so gorgeous was Mr. Cranky Park Ranger who made us leave before dinner (because we weren't planning to stay the night, just cook one last campfire dinner)...right after we got our campfire going.  Our assumptions are that he could tell we were city people and that maybe he had some sort of prejudice against that?  We aren't sure, but he wouldn't let the guys pick up brush for the campfire every time he saw them doing it, but didn't seem to have a problem with anyone else in the camp.  (He told them the protocol was to purchase wood at the gas station...who purchases wood when there is brush laying on the ground??)  Then he proceeded to not allow us to cook our dinner and leave without paying to camp for the next night.  

Strange, and not very nice Mr. Park Ranger.  Not nice at all.


  1. At least you got some gorgeous photos out of it, though! Sorry the park ranger was so.... strict. Not very nice of him!

    1. Thanks Lauren! Yes, I'm really glad about all the pretty plants we saw and photos I got to take. Nothing can ruin a great time more than a cranky person...but whatever. We still found other ways to enjoy our evening - we just won't be going there and paying them $12 to sleep outside again!

  2. Doesn't the iphone take some amazing photos!?!? I LOVE using my iphone5 when we are walking around. So easy to just snap a quick photo. I love that white/pinkish looking plant.

    Elicia @ lifesajournee

    1. It really does take some great pictures! I just wish it had better resolution, but what can we really expect from a device that isn't even essentially about being a camera?! haha

      Thanks, I really wanted to take those little pinkish plants home with me - they were so dainty and beautiful! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I hiked that same trail over fall break this year. The berries are pokeweed, don't eat the berries! My parents eat the young pokeweed leaves in the spring but you still have to boil it three times and drain the water off so it doesn't make you sick. Then they fry it with some eggs. Sounds delicious right? ; ) It's like eating spinach, it's an acquired taste.


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