Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Color Run & Blate

As many of you might remember, several Oklahoma Bloggers got together on October 5th to run in the Oklahoma City Color Run!  This was my first 5K, as well as my first time to meet most of these other bloggers!  I thought I'd share some pictures to let you all know how it went!

Thanks so much, Veronica, for bringing your camera to share pictures with us all!  All these photos belong to her!  I had just recently broken my camera, so all we have left is the hubby's and I wasn't about to bring it with us to a chalky color throwing marathon.  Even if I could put it in a ziplock, it just wasn't worth the risk at that time.  RIP dearly beloved camera.  Thanks for the wonderful camping pictures you took.  You were so easy to navigate.

Finally, the first time to meet so many other Okie bloggers!  It was actually really fun getting to meet other ladies from this great state who have the similar hobby of blogging!  Sometimes I feel a bit weird talking about blogging to friends who don't blog...and I always think that they must think I'm weird.  Whether or not that is true or just some insecurity I have, it was definitely encouraging to see so many other girls who are doing the same thing! 
Here we go, left to right:
Kayla, Shae from Sprinkles and Glitter, Veronica from Passion Pink & Pearls , Sydney from The Sydney Project, Amanda from The Lady Okie,  Tienna from The Halford's, Holly from the Oklahoma Pepplers, and me.

A few of us ran together for the first part of the race, but as there were so many people and not much room for big groups to stick together, we ended up just meeting some of them again at the end.  (And I have no idea why my face looks like a ghost here?  Maybe I'm just that white...wowza.)
Me, Veronica's SIL, Veronica from Passion Pink & Pearls, and Holly from The Oklahoma Pepplers!

My husband was the only guy in the group, which really meant he was the photographer for all our photos!  It's always great to bring your husband along so you can make him do things for you! ;)

Veronica was nice enough to take a few of me and the hubby.  We decided to have a color fight since we missed the main group one.  Wow, I didn't even realize how many pictures Veronica took for us!  Thanks girl, these are so much fun!

 Things are about to get dirty...

 Really, what is more fun than throwing colored powder on your spouse?

Tyler is dressed so much differently than normal that when my mom saw these pictures, she asked me, "Who is that guy you're with?"  I wanted to say, ", you're new son-in-law?"  She figured it out after a second. ;)
Tyler is looking kind of like a ninja here.

When we play fight, we play fight hard.  (If you missed this story from a long time ago, we managed to break my computer screen from play fighting, which knocked a TV stand right into my screen.  We have tried to make sure we don't play fight around technology anymore.  Its what happens when you grow up with boy cousins.)

I'm pretty sure the girl behind me is scared of us.

 Hey there, Super Saiyan Tyler.

We really do play hard till the end.  Till the very last drop of powder came out of that tiny little packet. 

"Hey Tyler, eat this!"

The colorful couple! 

Well guys, that was my first 5K, first time to meet some lovely bloggers, and definitely makes me happy to be just a little bit closer to staying fit with the hubby.  Hopefully now we can keep up the running for exercise!


  1. Wow, now you guys are VERY colorful!

  2. haha I loved the ones of yall throwing color at each other!!!
    (ps: we were bad bloggers this weekend and didn't take a picture of us watching the game, oops!)

    1. Ha, I think its probably good we didn't. Such a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad game. :(

  3. Looks like so much fun!!! What a great way to have a blate! :-)

    1. It was a fun blate for sure! I can't wait until we schedule another one!

  4. I love the pictures of you throwing color at each other! Glad we could meet sort of even though we didn't realize it :) That was fun!

    1. It was fun! Haha, its too bad we didn't realize it then! Oh well, next time!


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