Friday, April 19, 2013

Friday's Letters

Dear Friday, I can't believe you're already here again...which means that there is officially less than one month until my wedding now!  Wow!

Dear Calendar, YOU ARE FREAKING ME OUT!  I have so many appointments over the next four weeks, I don't even know how I'll manage to do them all!  Oh yeah, and about all those last minute wedding projects...

Dear makeup makers, why do you have to make so many brands, so many choices, so many qualities...and why does it take so much time and education to figure out which makeup to use for important occasions?!

Dear wedding dress, I'm coming to get you from the alteration shop this weekend!  I promise, I didn't abandon you.

Dear life, please allow us to find jobs and the perfect apartment...soon.  Please?  That would be helpful.

Dear unknown, stop being so mysterious.

Dear Friday's Letters Readers, I apologize that this week's letters are all wedding-stress related!



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