Thursday, April 18, 2013

Just ONE month!!!

Today is officially one month left until our wedding!


Most things are down hill, but I still swear to you all that I'll be hot gluing something at midnight the day before the wedding.  I'm sure something will happen, so I won't let you down on that suspicion.

Considering during the next four weeks I will be finishing lots of projects and papers for this semester, moving out of my apartment, throwing Tyler a graduation party, beginning my life in Oklahoma City (which means a new job...somewhere) and planning last minute wedding details, don't expect to see me all too often here on the blog.

I have, however, done some preparations and have some wedding posts scheduled over the next few weeks.  I hope you'll look forward to those, as I'll be revealing some of my very early wedding projects (ones that won't give away any surprises on the big day.)

Today, in honor of just one more month until our wedding, I'll post our Save the Date on the blog!

My mom took this picture for us, and I thought it turned out great!  Definitely one of my new favorites.  We just had the pictures printed through Shutterfly (they seriously have really great quality prints...don't ever print at Walgreens unless it isn't important.)  I printed a test print at Walgreens first (which was great to find out because I needed to center the text better.)  But then my prints that came through Shutterfly had much more vibrant colors.

One thing you may want to be careful about is having several people proofread your Save the Date.  I printed 100 prints with our wedding date as "2012."  That meant I spent around $30 more in prints including shipping to correct it to "2013."  Now I have 100 random pictures of us with "2012"...

What I will ever do with them, I have no idea.  Feel free to send me your ideas of what to do with 100 photos of myself. haha

With love, excitement and another cup of coffee...

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