Sunday, January 13, 2013

A Blog About Love...Overcoming ALL Obstacles!

Yes, yes.  The title of this is inspired by Moulin Rouge.  Love that movie.  And I've recently hooked my roommate on the soundtrack.  :)  But really, love can overcome many things.  Like silly boys.

Its been a while since I've done an 'Engaged Girl Funnies' post.  I think it is time for another!  These are my musings about things I learn in life regarding my relationship with Tyler.

Don't wear your heels until its time to leave.  If a man hears the sound of heels, he automatically thinks that sound is a signal that the finishing touches have been applied and that you are ready to walk out the door.  So if you're walking around but you're hair isn't finished, the sound of heels clicking the floor will send him the wrong message, at which point you have started the recording that comes without a remote:  "Are you ready to leave now?"

When trying to pick wedding songs, expect him to give you input about what he thinks is funny rather than good dance music.  His choices are Flight of the Concords and Weird Al.  We'll see about those. Maybe White and Nerdy?

For men, wedding planning together always comes with a time limit significantly shorter than women's.
Men will always think that girls make weird noises.  Tyler today commented about how he thinks that girls and guys are a lot different.  Really?  He says that girl sounds are weird.  I suppose this might be that my roommate, my future sister-in-law, and self all make cat sounds.  Or that all our noises are high pitched and silly.  
I think I'm just too white and nerdy.

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