Wednesday, January 9, 2013

DIY Mustache Photobooth Props - Tutorial

This week I wanted to show my lovely coffee readers some of the photobooth props I've been working on.  Normally I wouldn't show much of my wedding plans on mostly needs to be a surprise, after all.  (Well, how can it be a surprise with Pinterest around??).  Anyway, since mustaches at photobooths are pretty common, I thought I would show what we're doing for ours!

My lovely friend Veronica (from Passion, Pink and Pearls) is letting me use some of the stuff from her photobooth from her wedding in June.  Some of her props were made of paper, and had gotten a little crumpled up.  Since her wedding was just a little over six months ago, and I still have almost 5 until mine, I needed to get these done, but I wanted them to stay in good condition between now and then. 

I cut some foam board out and glued my mustaches to that with hot glue, so as long as they don't get tossed around too much, they should make it until May.  

This is how I made them:

After I took these photos, I ended up adding a strip of paper on the sides to cover up the foam board so it wouldn't be as noticeable in pictures.

I also am quite happy with the result from using colored pencil on the mustaches.  The shading makes them a bit more realistic, and also more unique from each other.

The depth added from the shading will also help them show up on camera, rather than blend in to the face and surroundings.

What props are you making/did you make for your photobooth?


  1. nice job! so much more your style too! :)

    1. Thanks Veronica! Haha, I realized later that I should have glued the sticks on the side like you had done...but oh well. haha I might get around to fixing them. Maybe. :)

  2. You are studying Chinese, as in Mandarin? That is so cool. I want to pick up Chinese!

    1. Yes, I've studied Mandarin for several years now. Its a lot of fun to learn, I highly suggest it! I highly recommend this page from Oxford University - it has free tools for learning Mandarin.

      This blogger posts different Chinese stories to help you learn to read and grammar patterns:

      Hope that helps, good luck if you decide to learn!

  3. Hey Saxon! Thanks so much for linking up with the Wedding Wednesday Party! Such a fun idea to incorporate in your special day!I wish we would have done the photo booth idea! Enjoy the next few months of engaged life! They fly! I co-hosted today and have recently started blogging about wife world and all I am learning over at :) I look forward to following along with your blog! I am a major coffee lover, too :)

    1. Kaylyn,
      It was my pleasure to link up! The months are already flying, so things are starting to get terribly busy (and scary) with the wedding planning! So glad I started early! haha
      Looking forward to following your blog as well!

  4. SO adorable!! What a cute way to personalize your props!!

    I'm stopping by from the link-up :) Hope you had a wonderful Wednesday!!


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