Saturday, November 10, 2012

Laptop turned Desktop and Concert

Hello out there, Coffee Readers!

Okay, so I got a little busy this week so I didn't post much.
That's alright, you didn't miss much of my life anyway.  I got sick, - allergies, or something.  All I know is I can't stop sneezing.

A few weeks ago, my laptop screen broken during an unfortunately disastrous tickle fight.  It took a little time to gather supplies and get it all together, but may I now present to you....

My Lasktop.
My broken laptop now set up as a desktop.
I have finally "fixed" my broken laptop into a desktop by using an HDMI cable to plug it into a really small flat screen TV screen my aunt gave me my freshman year of college.  Then, because I couldn't see the good screen over the broken screen, I bought an external keyboard and hid the laptop below my desk.  Not bad for a lask-top (lap-desk-top).  

You can even get the sound to go through the monitor (you know how movies on laptops are NEVER loud enough) by right clicking on volume, hitting playback devices, selecting HDMI, selecting "Set as Default" and then "Okay."  

In other news, my corrected Save the Dates came in this week, finally!  They actually say 2013 instead of 2012!  Now ready to start sending them out...our wedding is just a little over 6 months away!  Its crazy to think we have already been engaged almost half a year!  It has gone by so fast, be done with college and married soon, I'm not complaining.

My package of Save the Dates!

Okay.  For starters, let me just explain.  I love Christmas music.  Christmas music season begins in October, and is full fledged after Thanksgiving.  I hate that some of my favorite songs are only "allowed" to be played for one month out of the, I play them more.  Christmas songs are often fun, cozy and with good meaning.  Some have been around for hundreds of years, others are new and trendy.

Photo via Amazon

One of my absolute favorite Christmas albums is Very Merry Christmas by Dave Barnes.  I was so surprised to see a flyer on facebook announcing that he was playing a holiday concert at OU, and that tickets were only $10 per person for students!  Of course, I had to go!  But...the story gets even sweeter.

Me with Tyler around Christmastime in 2010.

Two years ago on November 20th, I became Tyler's girlfriend while we decorated his apartment with Christmas lights, tinsel, and afterward watched A Charlie Brown Christmas together, which was always a Christmas tradition in my family (clip below).

When I read about the concert, I told Tyler that this concert could be our anniversary date since it is only 10 days afterward. This is going to be our romantic date night event, but I'm sure we'll still put up decorations at my apartment/his house in honor of our little tradition, and I think the concert goes along so well with that.

Our concert wrist band tickets!  Can't wait!
I'll be sure to give an update on the concert, since I'm looking forward to it so much.

That's all for now, Coffee Readers!
Have a good weekend, and BOOMER SOONER!


  1. Aww, poor laptop, the victim of a tickle fight. But what a creative way of salvaging it. "Lasktop?" I like it. It's catchy. Have you eventually gotten it fixed?

    Voree IT @

    1. Thanks Danny, no I never fixed it. It is a really old computer than has probably been on its deathbed a few years anyway!


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