Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wedding Binder Kick-Off!

    Welp...since seems the going thing anymore is to have a Wedding Binder to keep all your wedding stuff organized (and what a great planning feature it is), I am getting mine kicked off.  Since general colors, venues and dresses are some of the beginning things you need to start out with, that is pretty much all that is in there so far.  BUT I worked really hard on my list of dresses to take with me, so I want to share that.  I am scheduled to go dress shopping with my mommy and my best friend (who is also recently engaged...YAY!) and her mommy in gotta be prepared!

The Binder!! (With my favorite picture!) 

To be honest...I don't think my list of dresses is going to help.  I know before going that the stores are not going to have what I want and that I will be disappointed.

***Okay, we are going to stop and have an aside about one opinion I have held true to.  I am very much a realist.  While optimism MAY be apart of realism, more often than not, truth is closer to the pessimistic side of things.  Just the way things work, and that is perfectly okay.  This does not mean I believe it is okay to mope about things, however, I do not enjoy giving myself false hope like many of the optimists out there.  If you are one, great for you.  Glad that point of view works out in your favor. :) ***

  Anyway...since I already know I am probably about 99% likely to NOT find a dress I like, I am going dress shopping merely with hopes of figuring out which silhouette flatters my body type best. I *think* I am going to prefer sheath or a slim a-line style...however, I suppose trying those on is the only true way to find this out.

  Here are some screen prints of my word document that I'll print off for my binder...which is just basically my favorite pins from Pinterest. haha

  See what I mean?  I am WAY too specific already, I think!  

I know they are going to look at me and say, "Honey, you are gonna have to narrow down your criteria a little."  lol

...I just feel sorry for whoever has to help me at the shop when they don't have anything like this.

  Another list I made is for dresses I do NOT like.  While this might seem weird, I know that being able to show someone who doesn't know you the differences between what you do and do not like is important.  

So, here's the No-Go list. :)

Yeah...maybe they are really going to tell me to just leave. haha

Some of my other pages in the binder so far...colors!!
  Ok friends, you couldn't really expect me to pick anything other than coffee color scheme, could you?  So there ya go.  Of course this is all tentative and when I actually start buying things I'll have to stick with whatever "shades" of coffee that is available.

And, remember this place from a few weeks ago?  Yeah, it's still on the brain.  I really can't wait to just break down and do the paper work, but I know I need to be responsible and make sure it is going to work...I'm SO NERVOUS IT WILL GET BOOKED AND THEN I WILL HAVE NOTHING!!!! lol  (Just saying...the nervousness is really not that bad.  Really, it isn't.)

  Oh, and I'm so happy that my Coffee Darling wants to be involved in the planning.  I very much believe these decisions should be OUR decisions, and I love that he is actively apart of planning.  However, our order of priorities are sometimes a little different.  He has been very insistent that we take inventory of all of his dishes donated to him by his sweet grandma for his college days.  (Don't tell him this, but I think he's really just proud of all his truly adorable Grandma dishes and wants to show them off because he knows I would like them....and he also really can't wait to look at "presents.")  haha...ohhhhh boys will be boys. :)
Here is our inventory list of things sitting in boxes in his garage. :P

That's the wedding planning updates for today, Coffee Readers!

  Drink of today is actually not coffee but Chai Tea.  Coffee Darling and I went to an Indian restaurant about a year ago and had some AAAmazing authentic Chai Tea.  We were both in love (with the tea...and each other. lol)  I just bought an Oregon Trail brand packet mix that works like hot chocolate.  Not near as good as authentic or homemade, but it'll do the trick.  :)  If you're like me and have a job where you work there for many hours at a time with just a microwave, you should check them out if you want to pretend you have a gourmet drink. haha



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    1. Yeah, we've had May 25th picked out for a just won't be final until I sign those papers up there....if I sign those papers. I don't like decisions!!! lol


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