Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Rainy Oklahoma Afternoon

  Today was quite a break from this Oklahoma 100-110 degree heat.  With showers all around the state, I think even those who prefer sunshine enjoyed today's little break.  I am not one of those who enjoy sunshine every day.  In fact, I'd rather have rainy days with select days of sunshine.  Maybe I should move to England, or Ireland, or the North West United States.  However, this evening was a real treat.  So instead of staying inside I decided to go drive around in the beautiful rain storm.  I took some pictures while I was out and thought I'd share.

Fields enjoying a drink.

Intersection and valley in the rain.

Oklahoma Gate.

The cattle are enjoying some cool temperatures.

Funky clouds.

This one I really just took for my Coffee Darling.  He really likes oil wells.  haha

The storm cleared up within just about 20 minutes!


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