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Recap Christmas Day

Good morning, dear readers!  Happy New Year to you!  

Since I'm doing some early spring cleaning and some other chores that need to be done, and I work nights (aka I don't have a life), I don't really see much good blog content in the near future.  

Since that seems to be the case, I thought I'd recap our Christmas day.  This year was our year to spend Christmas on my side of the family.  We have kind of started a flip flop tradition where one year we'll spend Thanksgiving on one side, Christmas on the other, and then the next year we flip flop which families get which holiday.  That way we get to see both every year.

My grandma decorates a beautiful tree.

This year my family did Christmas a little bit different.  Usually we all show up Christmas day around 10:00 am, and eat Christmas lunch around 11:30.  After lunch we typically spend the day together, open presents or play dirty santa (differs every year), and then most everyone leaves around 4:00 pm.  

All the above stayed the same this year, except some of us stayed the night on Christmas night.  

When I was a kid, the house used to be so packed that all of us kids would have to sleep on the floor, and the couches were taken.  Nowadays most of my cousins either have Christmas with their own families, or live out of state and can't come, so it just seems a little too small and lonely each year.  But we are thankful to be together, and had a great time spending the night and part of the next day with my grandparents.

Many people who have visited my grandma's house have told her it is "like a museum."  She collects all kinds of antiques and rustic decorations, so her house is full of interesting items.  Her attic is basically the same square footage as the rest of the house, because she all-out decorates for pretty much all the major holidays or seasons.  At Christmas time, we play a game called "count the Christmas trees" because she has so many tiny, small, medium, and large Christmas tree decorations throughout the house.

The "dessert bar" is in the laundry room that is off the side of the kitchen.  The best spot in the house, if you ask me.
 My grandparent's lost their cat of about 15 years earlier this year, and have since 'acquired' two little neighborhood cats that come visit them.  I think they do a little more than 'visit' these days since they come inside, get fed there, and sleep inside at night.  Maybe they're just in denial that they now have two new cats.

 This is how Tom says that he wants inside.

And this is Syll.  Her name was Sylvester, until they realized that 'he' was actually a 'she' and so she became 'Syll.'  I think she feels like a queen in my grandma's fancy animal print themed spare bedroom.

My mom and my great grandpa before lunch!

My dad is always the life of the party, telling his crazy work stories (whether you asked to hear them or not).  We're not sure if my cousin asked for it or just ended up in the conversation.

After lunch, we all opened gifts.  Tyler and I didn't get a chance to have our traditional Christmas with just us this year, so I brought his stocking to family Christmas.  He is always fun to watch opening gifts (yep, he was the fun kid that ripped all the packages open - the opposite of me).

Family Christmas is also the time to make sure everyone is practicing good health, so the blood pressure monitor made its way out and got passed around.  (You think I'm kidding?  There's the picture to prove it!)

 A Christmassy mantle.  How many Christmas trees do you count in just this one frame?  Now imagine an entire house.  No one gets the same number of Christmas trees in the count the trees game.

This shot here is just the top of the refrigerator.  I count 5 mini trees.

My grandma and her dad, my great grandpa.

Our family picture with Tyler - before I figured out how to use self timer, so we took turns.

And now Tyler taking our family picture for us with me in the picture.

After my Great Grandpa left, I had some time to figure out how to use self timer, and so we took another picture where Tyler and I were both there.

Another aspect that makes my grandma's home "museum-like" are these photos, which she had restored several years ago.  They are of my Great Great Great Great Grandparents (I think, don't hold me accountable to the number of 'Greats').  I just think they are amazing.

Do you see the family resemblance???  I'm not sure if I really can tell any traits for sure or not, but it is still neat to see what my grandparents so many generations ago looked like.
How did you spend your Christmas Day?  
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  1. That's pretty incredible that you have pictures of your ancestors from so long ago. The earliest photos I've seen of my family are of my great-great grandparents. And I don't think any photos exist at all of Angel's great grandparents. Your grandma definitely goes all out with the decor! And I laughed at your pictorial proof of blood pressure being taken at the Christmas party.


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