Monday, August 4, 2014

DHS Family Fun Day

Last month we visited Oklahoma City's local theme park, Frontier City.  

Since Tyler is a state employee, he was able to get discounted tickets for us and everyone who came with DHS got to eat lunch together and win door prizes.  

It was amazing to see how many employees there were who came to Frontier City with their families who work to help other families.  It is a great thing that all the employees are able to take a much needed break to have fun with their own families, because they all work very hard and often have to work into the evening helping others when their families are home.  

After lunch with the other employees (most of whom we didn't know since there are SO MANY employees), we went to enjoy the remainder of the theme park!

Although Tyler has been to theme parks before, he'd never gone to Frontier City.  

I took him to a ride called the "tornado" that spins you around really fast and basically makes the room zero gravity from the speed of the spinning.  I wasn't allowed to ride since I wore sandals.

(Side note:  I should have titled this post "a bunch of pictures of my husband riding roller coasters."

Tyler also rode the "Tomahawk," which as you can see spins up and down and upside down.

Not a ride for me.

Tyler likes the thrill rides, he looks pretty happy here!

I don't really like the roller coaster or thrill rides, so I convinced Tyler to ride the Ferris Wheel with me.

The clouds from the top were so pretty!  It was a day of scattered showers, so there were quite a few clouds.

You can see Oklahoma City's downtown and I-35 from the top of the Ferris Wheel!

I also refused to ride this rollercoaster with Tyler, so I took pictures of him riding it.  

He is the one in the very first seat with his hands straight up!

Hands are still up!  That looks way to scary to not be clinching the rails!

Seriously.  What a big kid.

Our last ride of the day was a competition!  You basically ride in a car and shoot lazer guns at targets, and they total your points.  I'd like to say that I beat Tyler in a shooting competition by 170 points! ;)

I'm so glad the state of Oklahoma offers employees some ways to escape work stresses with their families with events like this!  Our DHS workers work very hard, and I think Frontier City was a great way for Tyler to have some much needed fun!  (I had fun too!)
Does your job or company offer discounted tickets to any local places, or offer company get-togethers? 
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  1. I can do some roller coasters--but not the really crazy ones. I've definitely just waited while Angel's gone on the really crazy coasters a few times!

    1. Haha! I think I could like some of the easier roller coasters, but the anticipation freaks me out more than the ride itself. Its nice that most guys don't mind going on the crazy rides alone so we don't need to feel too bad about not going!


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