Monday, July 28, 2014

Our First Wedding Anniversary - Part II

I meant to post part-two of our first anniversary celebrations a little earlier...considering our first anniversary was over two months ago now!  Oops!

Well, here it is!  In case you've forgotten, our anniversary celebrations part-one consisted of a little road trip to the area where we got married.

For the later part of the same evening, we went to a local restaurant, Vast, in the top two floors of our city's tallest building, Devon Energy.  One thing I didn't expect about this experience was that the elevators rise so quickly that my ears were popping!

The building's interior is made up of many Oklahoma materials such as limestone and decorated with intricate rocks and fossils.  

This fountain flows so softly that it just looks like glass.

I love these reflections!

This fossil is probably about five feet across!

Needless to say, Tyler loved it.

The interior of the restaurant.  It was a bit awkward to take many pictures inside the restaurant, so I just have a few inside the restaurant.  We unfortunately weren't placed near the window, so getting pictures overlooking the city were even harder and more awkward.

This is the only picture we took in the restaurant.  It was awkward taking the picture in there since the restaurant was so fancy, so it is kind of a bad one!

I enjoyed the Native Amber-Brined Chicken Breast.  It was yummy!

During our honeymoon in New Mexico, we picked up a bottle of wine to save for our first anniversary!  We celebrated by visiting the Davis area and eating at Vast for our one year on Saturday, which was actually May 17th.  But our true one-year anniversary was May 18th.  We saved our bottle of wine for Sunday so we could extend the celebration through the weekend! 

 We were pretty happy with the wine we picked up!

Thanks, super strong hubby, for opening the wine bottle.  It wasn't exactly playing fair.
(We were opening the wine outside in fear that we'd spill it everywhere trying to get it open).

I do believe that it was the first time we've used our wine glasses from our wedding shower and the cork puller that we got from the pottery barn coupon that was also in one of our wedding gifts!  
To anyone reading this who got us those gifts, we loved using them for the first time!  Now that they're broken out, maybe they'll see the light of day more often!

We planned our first anniversary to be more extravagant than any future ones (we'll probably never spend that much on a meal in the future), but it was definitely worth it to celebrate our first year of marriage!  

What did you do for your first anniversary?  What have you done for subsequent anniversaries?

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  1. We still haven't been to Vast, other than my office Christmas party which doesn't really count because it was in a party room and with a ton of other people...I keep trying to figure out the right time to try it (and of course spend the money).
    It feels like yall have been married so much longer than a year!! Excited for yall :)
    and I love the way you celebrated by visiting your site. :)

    1. It was pretty neat! It is expensive, but I think fairly reasonable for the type of restaurant and experience you get.

      It was fun to see the place again, only if the boyscouts hadn't been there we could have walked around it more. ;)

  2. Wow--that looks like a pretty fancy place! :) It's fun to get all dressed up for something special like that!
    Our first anniversary was actually the most low-key of our anniversaries so far. We ate at Taco Bell (seriously!) and played games at our favorite arcade. I was still in college and it was a school day...I suppose that's my excuse!

    1. Haha! You don't need an excuse for that - I think some of the most fun dates are the cheap ones! Going to the arcade sounds fun! We both just wanted to try it (and to see OKC from the highest building). Don't get me wrong, the experience was fantastic, but I still think our adventures together are always more fun than going to a fancy restaurant.

  3. This building looks so beautiful! I love all the reflections + the fact that the water looks like a mirror -- so, so pretty. And I know what you mean about certain photos feeling awkward. We recently went to an amazing coffee shop, but it was so high scale that I felt like a weirdo pulling out my phone to snap pictures. You looked lovely on your dinner date! Happy belated anniversary :)

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