Thursday, August 28, 2014

Quarter Life Crisis

Today, I asked my coworker if he had seen a mobile cart that my team uses at my job recently, since it is mobile, I often have to walk around and look for it.
The mobile cart happened to be right on the other side of him, and I just didn't see it.
(Note that I have glasses that I don't wear often because the prescription is out of date and they don't help that much.  I should probably get new glasses).
Being the snarky just-out-of-high-school kid he is, he jokingly said something like, "You're getting old and can't see."
Really?  Just really?  Kids these days! 
I'm taking this all in good fun, and letting him know that in just four years he could have terrible eyesight like an old person like me.  Ha!  
It's slightly sad to know I'm at the point in life where young people know I'm older than them by several years.  When did that happen exactly?  I'm not quite sure, because not long ago I had people asking me if I was in high school, or if I was 12.  (I don't think I really ever actually looked 12, but some people equate height with age.)
When did you know that you had reached a new stage of "old?"  
(Even if  the"old" we're talking about is really quite young.)
Twenty-four is definitely still young, in my opinion!
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  1. 24 is NOT old but I totally get having a quarter life crisis. I had one last year when I turned 25. At least that means I'll live until 100. ;-)

    1. It really isn't old! Its prime time!
      Yeah, right?! I can't even imagine how much things will change in 100 years!

  2. Hmmm--I feel like here I feel a little "old" compared to most of the other foreign teachers in our city, because most of them just graduated from college in 2014 or 2013....however, I've actually found that a lot of them are the exact same age as me or older (I just turned 23). But they probably see me as older because I'm married--I think the wedding ring ages us. :P

    1. I think the ring does do some aging. That's interesting that so many teachers just graduated this year or the year before. I would have assumed (for no apparent reason) that more of the teachers would be mid-to-late twenties.

  3. Oh bless you! I'm 44 and I say even that is definitely not old!!! I have a group of friends who are mostly older than me, some turned 50 this year and when we are out they will refer to us as a bunch of middle aged ladies. I have to say "Excuse me, speak for yourself but I am NOT middle aged!" Middle age is always 10 years older than I am, has been for years!
    By the way, don't worry, 30 is a breeze and so is 40 - promise!

    1. Haha, thanks Julia! I don't think 24, or 44 are really old either! I think 19 year olds just don't realize exactly how close they are to "being old" if that's what they think old is!

      I've heard your 30s are your new 20s, so hopefully those years are just as fun!


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