Monday, July 29, 2013

Frozen Blueberries in Lemonade

This summer, I may have just found my new favorite, easiest, coolest drink to stay hydrated.

Since we got married in May, we had a LOT of leftover drinks...basically I bought 4 times the amount that we actually used, but it was the right projected amount for our guestimated amount of people assuming they each drank several glasses at the wedding.   We've been having A LOT of lemonade this summer.

Here's a strange tidbit about me.  Call me weird, call me un-Oklahoman, call me me what you will, but I don't really like ice.  It is really just too cold for me in most cases, it hurts my teeth and I can't taste anything because it is too cold.  Then there's the added bonus that most people in the south would rather have more ice than drink - which is weird because to me that's how you get ripped off (especially at Sonic where you don't get refills).  Blueberries don't seem quite as cold, and by the time you are done with lemonade you can eat them.

Did I mention that blueberries are also really good for you?  We have a history of Alzheimer's Disease in my family, and there are strong links between eating blueberries and preventing memory loss.  Its worth a try in my opinion to keep blueberries and other healthy foods steady in our diets!

If you want to make it yourself, here are the ingredients we use:
Frozen blueberries from Walmart and Country Time Lemonade Mix (can be bought at Walmart and SAMs).

We got the pitcher in the picture for our wedding.  It was from Bed Bath and Beyond, and I've got to say - one of the best items we got.  It fits great in the refrigerator and is what we keep our running stock of lemonade in.  Three scoops of mix and water to the top of the pattern is just about right!

And there you have it - Blueberry Lemonade!


  1. What a great idea! I love frozen blueberries and lemonade, but I've never thought to combine the two. Awesome!


  2. Such a great idea, I can't wait for summer in South Africa so I can try this!

    1. Thanks Claudz! It always slips my mind that the southern hemisphere has the opposite season than us. Things will be changing in just a couple months, maybe you'll be getting some warmer weather soon!


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