Friday, July 26, 2013

Wedding Hair by Parris Artistry

You know, I was a lucky bride.  I had really great wedding vendors!

I think the best way for me to prove that is to show you.  I've already written a few reviews over Parris Artistry here and there, but the best part about getting to review her on my blog is I get to show you pictures!

And pictures galore you will get!

But first, let me introduce you!  This is Ashley and I on my wedding day!

I asked Ashley from Parris Artistry to do my hair about a month before our wedding.  She had a family reunion that day, but was wonderful and still came to do my hair!  She showed up a few hours prior to the ceremony to fix it, then I went to take group pictures with my bridesmaids.

I was really glad she was there to help me put my veil in right before the ceremony (as to help me keep from messing up my hair) and take it out after the ceremony for the same reasons.  She even came to help me take the veil out after the ceremony without me calling on her!

During the month prior to my wedding, we had discussed styles that I was interested in, I showed her a Pinterest board I made just for her to see the style I was going for.  Mainly I wanted a low bun.  That's all I really said, and the rest is what she came up with, which was beautiful!  I love the side twist, and how some hair twisted around the outside of the bun.  I had moderately long hair to work with.

I think she did a great job, but you can see for yourself...because I can post pictures!

Love the twist to the back, as well as the hair wrapped around the bun.

During the ceremony I wore a quite long and heavy veil that attached with a headband and comb.  After finalizing my hair, Ashley helped me put the veil in so that it would not move around, nor mess up my hair.  

After the ceremony I did not plan to continue wearing the veil as it was a very very windy Oklahoma day and it was too much trouble.  Without even having to seek her out, Ashley came to help me get the veil out.  She made a few adjustments, put the brooch near the bun and hair was great for the rest of the night!

All these photos were taken after the ceremony was over and the veil was taken out.

After the veil and being beaten for hours by the wind...still looks pretty good, eh?!
If a hairdo can outlast a day that was so windy it nearly blew over my ceremony backdrop, I think we're in great shape!

If any of you Oklahoma ladies need someone to do your hair for a great price, I strongly encourage you to contact Ashley!  She is licensed, works on site, has great prices, and does great work!

This is her website: Parris Artistry
This is Parris Artistry's facebook.
And you can contact her via email at

All photos credited to Birds and Coffee Design.


  1. What gorgeous hair!!! You looked stunning!

    1. Thank you Susannah! (Love the spelling of your name, by the way!)

  2. Beautiful! Congratulations on your wedding. :) Gentle Joy

  3. You were a gorgeous bride! She did an amazing job on your hair. The elegant bun was the perfect match for your timeless dress. Congratulations! Thanks for sharing at All Things Pretty!

  4. So beautiful and simple! I love it! Thank you for linking up at This~N~That Thursday at Through the Dutch Door!


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