Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Getting Ready to Wed!

This is my post about our getting ready!  I don't really have much to say about this stage, but I will make a few comments.

First, THANK YOU Birds and Coffee Design for capturing this part for us!  I was definately rushing once I realized things were starting to go behind time, and somehow you still managed to get pictures of the little details that I didn't even realize you took pictures all the jewelry shots!  Anna, you are a good kind of sneaky!

Next, I want to say that getting ready is impossible without the help of your bridesmaids.  Thanks guys for helping me take my dress on and off when I realized I'd forgotten my waist corset.  Thanks Kelsey for making me a sandwich.  Thanks Sherry for all your silly faces that I've never seen you make definately made things less stressful!  And thank you Deana for staying up with me until 2 am the night before, and working so hard the day of to make sure it all got done!  You ladies are priceless friends!


Makeup time!

Putting on the dress!

Gotta love my ladies for helping with the veil!

 The Jewelry

Pearls from my mom on my 21st birthday...oh, and the engagement ring!

Earrings I borrowed from my Mom.

The stone in my necklace is my "Something Blue."
It is actually one of my Great Great Aunt's old necklaces.


Not sure if you can tell, but Tyler's tie has a squirrel pattern on it.
I love squirrels.
I made him choose that tie because it has squirrels.

Guys tying ties.

Look at that Best Man being a man and holding the groom's jacket.  Good job, Louis!

I'd have to say all in all, our getting ready went extremely smooth.  To my knowledge, no one had a bad hair day.  Everyone looked beautiful/handsome.  The electricity didn't go out (this happened at one of my friends weddings, and I was worried.)  We ran a little bit late, but we planned to be late anyway since our venue was in a difficult location and we expected people to be lost and running late.

It was all quite perfect, really!

All photos credited to Birds and Coffee Design.


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