Wednesday, May 1, 2013

It's May - My Wedding Month!

Well, friends, it is officially May!

This is a picture we took near our Wedding Venue about 8 months ago!  Such a beautiful area - and we are so ready to see it again in two and a half weeks!

Once the clock strikes midnight, there are only 17 more days left until our wedding!  (And that is the reason you haven't seen me on here much!)

I have one and a half weeks until I have to move out of my apartment.  One and a half weeks until I am temporarily homeless.  Or more likely one and a half more weeks until I randomly live with my parents for a week.

I have just over one week until I'm DONE with my student position, and with papers and final projects for the semester!!!  (SO ready to see what else is out there for me.)

Then, of course you know that in two and a half weeks is the wedding!

Life couldn't be any crazier, and it is only just now sinking in how close the wedding is.

I really am almost done with everything, but I do still need to make a few signs, all four bouquets, and finish my veil....which means I need to get my sewing machine out.  Yeah, I know.  Its a hard core veil.

Not really, but the trim for my veil is going to be a pain in the butt.

Anyone who wants to sew it on for me is welcome to do that.

Just kidding, but not really kidding.

On a super exciting note, Tyler has an interview scheduled for his top job pick, so it is in high confidence and in all of our prayers that he gets that!

Thanks for reading....I promise, my posts will include pictures after the wedding....but right now, "Ain't nobody got time for that!"

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