Thursday, May 2, 2013

How I asked my flower girls...

Today, I'm going to start unveiling some of my very very numerous DIY projects that I have made for our wedding!  This little diddy is about how I asked my flower girls (who will actually be called my "pebble girls"...that surprise coming up after the wedding!)

My pebble girls' names are Jayden and Rylee.  They are both my little cousins, and lots of fun and adorable. I wanted to do something that let them feel like they were making the decision whether or not they would be in our wedding, so I asked!  Today I'll show you the little cards I made them!

Here is a timeline of how I made the cards:

Everything is made out of scrapbook paper - the card itself and the dresses.  I cut the dresses out of white card stock, drew a design in a very light brown marker, and pasted it on.  I wanted to make things a little girlier, so I put glitter on the bottom half of the dresses.

Their names are made out of some stamps I had, and I wrote the rest.  The card stock is folded into thirds.  Once you open the first flap, I wrote the information regarding time and place about the wedding.  After that flap is opened, I wrote a little letter to the girls on the inside.

How did you ask your flower girls to be in your wedding?


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