Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday's Letters

This is my first time to participate in Friday's Letters.  Not sure what took me so here it goes!

Dear fiancé, thank you so much for the king sized package of Reese's last night.  That was really sweet.  I'm sorry I ruined your surprise by telling you that I had a surprise, and revoking my surprise until a later date once I realized you had a surprise.  ;)

Dear Mom, thanks for coming to help me work on some wedding stuff instead of mowing.

Dear Apartment, why does having wedding stuff stored in you make you get messy so much faster?  Can't you just stay clean for one day?

Dear Wedding Veil, I know you aren't finished yet, but I know we will be best friends.  You are lots of fun.

Dear Moulin Rouge DVD, why do you have to be messed up?  I enjoy watching the "Like a Virgin" scene because it is so hilarious, but I don't see it necessary to keep it going on a loop.

Dear Saturday, I hope that you don't rain since I will be participating in the biggest volunteering event in Norman, and that I'm supposedly painting...and well, as you may know paint and rain don't go well together.  Also, please let my wedding dress be done so that I can go pick it up from the alteration shop!



  1. I ask my house to stay clean every day, but it never listens!!

    1. Houses seem pretty good at not listening when we tell them to stay clean I think!

  2. Replies
    1. If I don't get it done pretty soon I may have to call on all ladies for help and advice on it. haha!

  3. Welcome to your first Friday Letters its a great way to meet new bloggers :) Are you making your own wedding viel? Im intrigued!

    1. Michelle, I'm trying to! Not done yet, but hoping it will turn out okay!

  4. i am a new follower and i am so glad that i am here :)

    1. i love that you are planning your wedding! congrats on your engagement.
    2. i love Moulin Rouge!!!

    1. Elizabeth, so glad to have you following along! I love Moulin Rouge too - and surprisingly my guy will actually watch it with me (and enjoy it) too! Well...once it gets to the real story past the super-randomness of the beginning he loses a little bit of interest.


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