Sunday, November 25, 2012

Days of Christmas: DIY Button Monogramed Stocking

Ho Ho Ho!

I'm back again!  Today I'm ho ho showing you some stockings I bought.  They are from the Dollar Tree...not bad, eh?  

They are a little flimsy, but after a little TLC they can be cute little boogers...or stockings.  There are four of them for my roommate, her boyfriend, Tyler and myself.  We might as well be family, so we'll all have stockings together.  

Today I'll show you how I personalized the blue one, which is now Wei's stocking.

Dollar Tree Stockings
 I did this one first because I had something blue, and I'm going to have to buy stuff for the other three.

But before I personalized anything (just in case you buy these same stockings from the Dollar Tree), I suggest doing a few housekeeping things.

  • The ribbon that holds the stocking was sewn kind of low, so it made the top hang weird.  I sewed the ribbon to the inner seam of the top of the stocking so it would stop doing that.
  • I also used white string to hand sew the bottom of the white overlap. It wasn't sewn down, and I think it looks much better after that has been done.
There, that's better.

Okay, back to personalizing.

I found some blue buttons in my stash 'o' button jar.  I thought they went well, and it was easy to make a W with them.  I laid all the buttons out where I wanted them, used a *tiny* bit of hot glue to stabilize them, then sewed them onto the stocking.

After hot glue...

See the stitches?  Not falling off now!

And, that's all I did.  Really not bad (especially since I considered sewing them from scratch before I bought these.)

Today's Christmas Song is Sleigh Ride by Relient K.  Its an old one, and Relient K is often a little too silly for my taste, but I still like this one.  I'm a sucker for the romantic Christmas songs I guess.

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