Monday, November 26, 2012

Days of Christmas: Holiday Leaf Bauble

Remember the Holiday Vase I did a few weeks ago?  Today I'm using some leaves from the same branches that were left over from that project to make a leafy ornament.  The leaves are kind of glittery and colorful, so I thought it might make a nice addition to my, I needed to find ways to use up the rest of those leaves!

 I started with the leaves cut already, a medium sized bauble and the hot glue.  I found it easier to place the bases of the beginning round of leaves all at the very bottom of the ornament, then work my way up.

 I just cut the leaves off from a couple branches of the fake stems, then hot glued them strategically around the globe.  I just wanted to make sure I distributed colors in a balanced manner, and tried to make the coverage seem natural.

When I was done, I glued a winter berry to the top of the hanger for some character.
Today's Christmas song is Walking in a Winter Wonderland by Louis Armstrong.  Classic.

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