Friday, June 15, 2012

Latest Thrift Finds

  Over the past week, I've been going through all the little antique stores.  Surprisingly, I hadn't been through the Norman stores (even though I LOVE antiques) and a little town just south of Norman called Purcell.

  Last week I stumbled upon a huge antique store on Gray St, and if you're near Norman, let me tell you something.  When you think the store is about to end, you'll realize it just keeps going and there is room, connected to another room, connected to another room...and so on.  I found a few little finds here, and I'll share them with you.  :D

  This little tin is from Holland.  I have a small fetish for these little guys, I love the intricate work on them.  This is my second one from Holland, and I have another one from England.  My mom and I like that the Holland tins have the cute little knob on the top.

All around the rim are different little designs of farms, gates, and castles.

I found all these vintage postcards at the same store.  I bought about 35 of them.  They are so cute!  I will hint that you might see these post cards later! ;)

  Today I went through an antique store in Purcell.  I think it used to be a hotel, it was full downstairs and upstairs of stuff.  As I was strolling through I found this little book on a table full of old notes and pictures from WWII era.  Being an Asian Studies major, this particularly caught my interest.  

  It is a phrase book to help United States soldiers communicate with the Koreans while they were based there in the 40s.   It is such a neat little book, and I also hope to learn some Korean, so I can't wait to do a little studying from this.

  I can't help but to think about some soldier being given this book before or upon his arrival to Korea.  I'd love to think he looked at the book and studied it, but judging from the lack of wear and use, I'd say he probably threw it aside and used English, or had a fellow soldier who had studied it help him.

  If you were a soldier, the book does have some very helpful phrases, and judging by my experience in a foreign country, I'm sure they were very glad to have this book to help them out.  But, even in the 1940s, even in the war, I wonder if they ever got a man to really admit, "I am lost."  ...Or "NAH-noon-KEE-rool eer-huss-SOOM-nee-dah."  ;)

On an end note, today's cup of coffee in my Poppy's favorite coffee cup.  Before he passed away, he told me I could keep his cup, but that I had to use it and not just let it sit.  I enjoy using it all the time now!  
Good night, coffee readers!

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