Sunday, June 24, 2012

Candle-Holder Makeover

  Last week I was organizing and changing around my room and found these old wall hanging oil lamp holders that I used to have hanging.  I never really lit the oil lamps that sat inside the holders, so I got rid of the lamps as to rid myself of a fire hazard, and kept the holders.  I have no idea how long they've sat around, and I nearly got rid of them.  Just before I decided to take them to goodwill, I thought about some ways to re-make them into something else.  I decided sticking some flowers inside would do the trick.

  That's the finished product.  I don't think its so bad...I actually like them better than I did with the lamps anyway.

  Here's all I did.  I used floral styrofoam to stick down inside the candle holder, then I bought two gatherings of fake poppies from the Dollar Tree (gotta love that place sometimes) to stick in there.

 I pushed the leaves up from the bottom of the flowers, then clipped with wire cutters about 1.5 inches below the bottom of the leaf, allowing the flowers to stick up about 4-5 inches.

  Stick 'em in...keep the taller ones in the back. flowery decorations.  Maybe red for Sooners?  Or just because red is awesome?  Either way...way better than before, and I have a reason to keep them. :)

  Easy peasy, eh?  The worst part about this project is the messy styrofoam stuff that got all over the counter.  And that wasn't bad. :)

That's all for today, Coffee Readers.  Have a wonderful Sunday!

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