Monday, February 24, 2014

Life Lately: Valentine's, Game Nights, Photo Editing

Hey Coffee Readers!  Today, you're getting a life update from me...because well, I usually do that in bits and pieces within my other posts...and because of working full time I have been relying on some formerly scheduled posts and I don't have too many new things on my plate to show you these days!  

A couple weeks ago we had Valentine's Day, and I came home from work in the wee hours to find this sweet card from Tyler waiting for me!

He even made me a pop out heart inside it!  He claims he isn't creative, but I beg to differ.  

I put a snack care package and some embarrassing signs up on Tyler's car before he woke up on Valentine's Day.  He told me he got several honks from people who believe in a thing called love!  

We went to Starbucks for a bit on the evening of Valentine's Day.  Tyler had planned to take me ice skating, but I had pulled a muscle in my leg the night before and didn't want to bother it more by skating.

The weather was great over the weekend, so we took a stroll around our apartment complex.  On one side of the complex is a really big pond with a walking track that was nice to walk around and enjoy the sun.

This past Friday, Tyler had a game night (where he loves to decide that we'll all play his favorite game Wildcatter every time).  

He won this time around.  You can even see it in his face.  If you're Tyler's family and you're reading this, I know that you know that face.

I did pretty well by coming in second place...and being able to buy some others' bankrupt property...actually I wouldn't have even been in the game if other people hadn't gone bankrupt.

We've nicknamed him Tylerberg (you'll only get this Heisenberg reference if you watched breaking bad) because Tyler is most definitely in the empire business.  

He even has the hat and glasses to prove he really is Tylerberg: oil kingpin.

 You may remember this post about my Great Grandpa is turning 100 next month.  My mom scanned a bunch of old photos that my grandma had, and we've been using an app/site called eversnap to share the pictures among family members.  I thought this was really neat because now we can all access the pictures, and when I edit them I can upload for other family members to use as well.  

I was excited about some of the photos I restored.  While I absolutely love old photos in their antiquity...with all the natural weathering and worn-ness that can only happen with time, there is still something that intrigues me about restoring the image to what it once would have been.  That's why I spent several hours removing scratch marks and playing with curves on a few of the photos.  What do you think?   From top to bottom:  my great grandpa holding a basket of his sweet potatoes (he was a sweet potato farmer), middle is he and my great grandma on their wedding day in 1938, and last are my grandpa and grandma digging up the sweet potatoes.

What have you been up to in the past couple of weeks?  Sorry if I haven't made it around to your blog...I'm expecting another busy week and weekend, but hopefully I'll find some time to come see what my lovely readers have been up to!
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  1. Those pictures look awesome! Great job. And you guys are too cute with the cards and the signs :) I think the pop-out card is GENIUS!

    1. Well thanks, Amanda! And I'll definitely let hubby know somebody on my blog think's he is a genius...he'll love that. ;)

  2. I think I would have cringed to drive a Valentines-decorated car... but I guess that's love ;) Your restored photos look great, such precious pictures!

    1. Oh I'm sure he cringed! haha But he did leave it there all day, (although he drove a state vehicle for his job most of that day), so I'm proud of him for enduring the embarrassment to make me happy! haha

  3. Seeing those old photos restored is so cool! I don't think any of the old photos my family has have been stored digitally any where,but that would be a good assignment for someone to accomplish one of these days. And I've never heard of that game but it sounds pretty family tends to like games involving strategy and empire building.... :)

    1. That's a big big reason I wanted my mom to scan them to me - all the what ifs that have gone through my mind about all our family photos that would be completely lost if something were to happen. I hate to think of the things that could happen, but with fire risks in older homes and Oklahoma tornadoes in the spring...I just love the idea of having them safe in digital format. We haven't uploaded even a fraction of all the photos that I wish were uploaded, but its definitely a start.

      Wildcatter is fairly rare - it was retired in the 80s. I think nowadays the only people who really have the game are families with someone who has an interest in oil or the oil business. Its pretty fun though, it is a lot like monopoly...but to me it is more interesting than monopoly.

  4. The Heisenberg comment made me crack up! He pulls it off well :)

    Also, the restored photography for great grandfather's birthday came out so beautiful. As soon as I saw the pictures, my heart leapt... so beautiful, and of course hits a soft spot for me because he's a farmer! What an amazing gift.


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