Friday, December 20, 2013

The Coffee Darlings' Holiday Apartment Tour

 Hey there!  Today you've been invited to come to our apartment for the holidays!

I've had a few requests to see some of my individual decorations in context of everything else, so now you will see how we've decorated our home for Christmas!

If you were to come over, the first Christmas decoration you would see would be this wreath my mom made me last year.  We'd planned to put other decorations outside, but since we didn't this will be your first glimpse!  (That is, if you are not distracted by looking at our neighbors' blow up Santa, snowman and tree in front of their apartment.)

Then the first thing you'll see when you walk in is our lovely Christmas tree.  Then, if your squeeze is with you at the time, you might notice that soon you'll be standing under a kissing ball!

This Christmas tree holds all of our sentimental ornaments from family and from each other!

In the window between the livingroom and kitchen is a snowy village scene, with stockings hung under it.

The sterio system holds some little Christmas novelty things, and I especially enjoy turning the candles on!

I was particularly proud of myself for this idea!  I love how it looks, sadly I put it in a place where it isn't often seen.  Next year I may move it to the coffee bar.

If you missed the kissing ball on your way in, then surely this free printable sign will encourage you to look around for it!

Then if you sit on the couch, you'll probably look out the window to the pretty pond outside with all the mallard ducks swimming about, and you'll see the pretty bow and garland hanging with cheer!

Then you'd probably think about how pretty the window would be at night when you could see the tree's reflection.

Then, if I were having you over, I would most definitely have our "makeshift-fireplace" going with some warm Christmas tunes in the background...

 Then if we venture over to the dining room, you'll undoubtedly see the coffee bar all decorated for Christmas with so many of the ornaments I've made and put on the blog this year, like the Chalkboard Ornament, Starbucks Garland, Starbucks Cup Ornament, Burlap Ornament, Twine Ornament and probably more!

On the coffee bar we have a little Charlie Brown Christmas Tree, and a few more village buildings.

 It just seems perfect to have the Christmas blend coffee sitting in the basket, right?

I thought the black and gold bow I made a few years ago went well on the top of the coffee tree.

Thanks for visiting our Christmasy home!  
Merry Christmas, you lovely coffee readers!


  1. love it! So not ready to take it down yet... :(

  2. I love the wreath! And the snowy village! So cute.

  3. Your Christmas decorations are gorgeous!!! I love how creative you are. :-)

  4. Everything looks lovely! I love the village pieces and the little novelty touches spread throughout the apartment. The reflection of the Christmas tree in the window at night is just gorgeous too!

    1. Thanks Caitlin! I loved the coziness of everything! I took it all down a few days ago and the house feels so empty! Thanks for stopping by!


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