Monday, December 23, 2013

Sentimental Ornaments

Since it is SOOO very close to Christmas, I decided to share some sentimental ornaments we have on our tree.  No sense in me sharing any DIY things with you when I know you are done decorating and are busy cooking turkeys and preparing to visit family!

First Christmas
This year when we went to Thanksgiving at my in-laws, my mother-in-law had these handmade ornaments waiting for us!  She is a quilter, so she's pretty savvy with fabric.  These are just awesome!

Annual Ornaments to Each-Other
While we were dating, we've always gotten each other an ornament for Christmas.  
Tyler started the tradition, and this ornament is the one he started it with.  It is a glass bulb with an angel inside, and he painted a "2010" on the glass.

I consider myself exempt from this year since I was in China during Christmas.
Tyler gave me this cute little snowman at my Make-Up Thanksgiving/Christmas/Birthday party that my grandma threw me when I got back.
This is Tyler's ornament to me for 2012.  He worked for a local children's ministry with after-school programs and this was one of the crafts he made with the kids.  It is a manger, hay, and baby Jesus.
I finally joined in the ornament giving in 2012 and gave Tyler this frame ornament with our Save the Date picture.

Finally, I have a couple of other special ornaments.

I made this paper bird ornament when I lived in China to hang on my little Chinese-style Charlie Brown Tree.  I just thought it was really cute, and it always reminds me of making all my ornaments out of paper and old cereal boxes that Christmas.

 Finally, I have a childhood ornament.  
I'm not sure why I have this ornament, but none of the others, but when I was younger my grandpa made wooden ornaments and my grandma would paint them.  This is just one of those ornaments - my mom still has the rest.  There are numbers for each Christmas that I was alive as well.  My grandpa has since passed away, so these ornaments carry even more memories.

What sentimental Christmas ornaments are decking your halls this year?


  1. Those fabric ornaments are gorgeous! We got married right before Christmas, so we have multiple "First Christmas 2010" ornaments that we given to us as wedding gifts. But my most treasured--a tiny pewter nativity scene that my sister bought me for my first Christmas away from home. I'll take that with me wherever I go in life!

    1. I love ornaments like that where you always remember that time in your life and the people who cared about you! Such a sweet story! :)

  2. I love your sentimental ornaments! I don't have any but want to make sure my kiddos get some as they grow up. Have an amazing Christmas!

    1. Definitely! You and Nate could even start some new traditions with it!

  3. They're all so special! Those quilted ones are really beautiful and handmade seems to run in the family! :) We bought all our ornaments this year, so I guess they're all from our first Christmas together, but we made sure to buy one we loved at a market, made of wood and with a shooting star and a snowflake.

    1. That ornament sounds really beautiful and special! I'm sure you will treasure it for years to, not many couples can say they spent their first Christmas in another country and have sentimental treasures that are not only from your first Christmas, but also of your time in Germany!


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