Thursday, December 19, 2013

DIY Breaking Bad Christmas Ornament

There seems to just be something innately wrong with the words "Breaking Bad" and "Christmas" together.

Well, either way, I put them that way!

Today I'm showing you how I made this Breaking Bad ornament for our friend.  Every week for the past few months my husband and I have met up with our friend on Thursdays to watch TV.  

TV night is the best day of the week besides Taco Tuesday. (Free tacos and cheap happy hour at the hotel down the road from us...yeah, I know.  Call us free loaders.  There are a lot of other people we've seen week after week too, so it is justifiable.)

The first show we watched for TV night was LOST.  One day we were talking and hanging out and realized we were all on Season 3 of LOST and wanted to finish it.  Thus TV night was born.  When LOST ended, we decided to pick another show to watch.

The guys picked Breaking Bad.  Let me just say I really thought this show was going to suck, and I wasn't even that interested for the first three or so episodes.  But then, it got interesting.  I'm not giving away any spoilers, but the rest of the show is amazing.  The acting, the character development, and the complete lack of characters having morals was absurdly interesting.  The whole show was really more like a metamorphosis of characters, which I thought was cool.

Anyway, I digress.

Actually, I'm going to digress again because I'm really really sad about being done with Breaking Bad.  :(  I've been researching new shows to watch, and everything else looks like it sucks in comparison.  I just want to watch them both again.  Suggestions??

Okay, done digressing again.

Now...ornament time!

I started by cutting two 2" X 2" squares out of cardboard and painting them green.

I used some yellow mixed into the same green to add the smokey look they use on the intro of the show.

I used a ruler to measure the letters inside the block and keep the edges straight.

Then I colored in with a white paint pen.

 I'm starting to love it more.  When the paint dries from the white lettering (it took forever for mine to dry for some reason) then you can gently erase the lines that are outside your letters.

I didn't photograph this part, but I put some paint from the paint pen on scrap paper and dipped a sharpened pencil into the paint to write the element numbers in the corner.

 I hate wasting space, so on the back side where I glued the ribbon on for the hanger, I wrote "Keep Calm and Call Saul" and did a silhouette of Season 3 maybe 4 (I think) version of Heisenberg.

So I hope our friend likes the ornament!  Great memories - and especially since we finished the season right before Christmas!  If you have a Breaking Bad fan friend (who is likely still suffering from depression since the show ended) then you can easily make them this ornament!  


  1. Breaking Bad is the shizz. I always enjoy reading DIY posts. Thanks for sharing! Oh my goodness, this reminds me, I still gotta make my daughter's first ornament. Oops.

    1. It was probably the best TV series I've ever watched - I loved it! Good luck making your daughter's first ornament, that sounds like fun! :) Thanks for stopping by!

  2. This is awesome!!! I've never seen Breaking Bad but I've heard great things about it! :-)

    1. We loved it! There are so many reasons why drugs are bad on so many different levels! lol (Sadly, this show was quite educational to the girl who avoided people who did drugs, so I literally didn't know what was what and what happens to a person when they did it....I don't know if that's a good thing or not that I know more about it now.) haha

  3. Haha I love this! Ryan is a huge fan of Breaking Bad (even though I failed to understand why), so I might make him this as a little gag gift!

    1. Haha, I loved it because it was just so dark...I don't know why but that type of thing is interesting to me! I'd say go for it, if he liked the show he'll probably think it is funny! :P

  4. i have never watched that show. also what do the numbers represent? regardless i think its a fun idea. thanks for linking up with the all things pretty party.

    1. Hi Chrissy, because the show is largely about chemistry (the main character was a high school chemistry teacher before he "broke bad"), the Br is the 35th element on the periodic table, and the Ba is the 56th element! The elements are featured in all the credits of the show. Thanks for stopping by!


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