Friday, July 5, 2013

Friday's Letters

Dear Friday, you were unusually busy and I drove so much that my left arm is drastically more tan than my right arm.

Dear friends, it was so much fun to get to see many of you again for Independence Day.

Dear Mema, no more step ladders for you!  We're all hoping you get better soon and that your surgery goes well.

Dear husband, you are cute sitting on the floor working on all your wooden puzzles tonight.  Our conversation is about puzzle integrity makes me laugh.  You are talented with those tricky wooden puzzle things.

Dear Etsy Shop, I'm trying hard to be a good steward of you and promote you - and I sure want some sales, but just hoping for nothing crazy.  Just remember, nothing crazy.

Dear life, I'm glad to be able to have some time to get back into doing some art.  Its good to get back in that creative 2D swing.  College pretty much killed you, didn't it?  Sorry about that.

Dear readers and family and friends, check out a wedding recap video our friend Kevin made for us with video from our wedding!  It is posed here at Passion Pink and Pearls!



  1. Hope you had a good weekend :)
    Loved the video on Veronica's blog

    1. Thanks Claudz, we thought her husband did a great job! Thank you for stopping by!


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