Monday, June 24, 2013

Honeymoon: Keepsakes

Today is my last post about our honeymoon in Santa Fe!  You can read the other posts about our trip here, here, here and here!

Today, I'm talking about our honeymoon keepsakes so that we'll always have some things to remember!

Now, when I talk about souvenirs (I don't even like that word for this reason), I think most people automatically think about shot glasses with the name of the place, or other novelties with the name of the place stamped all over it.  I have bought a few of these random things in my past, and have come to realize that I really don't like things that are basically screaming to the world, "I WENT TO FILL IN BLANK PLACE!!!!"  I've found that souvenirs that are actually useful that tell a good story are much better.  People ALWAYS ask me where I got scarves that I bought when I went to Wales, which always leads to a great story...and the best part - it doesn't say Wales on it anywhere.

So with that, here are the things we chose to buy to remember our honeymoon.

One of my favorite things we came back with was this bowl made out of onyx from "Mama's Minerals" near the historic plaza.  That store was probably Tyler's favorite place there - he's quite the rock fanatic.  But this bowl was my pick.

The day before we bought this bowl, we had gone hiking and of course picked up some neat rocks on our own.  I wanted something to display the rocks in, and this bowl turned out to be perfect.  Now we have a really neat display to always remind of our honeymoon!

The bowl with our hiking rocks.

We also picked up rock of Tyler's choice, one that was originally from China.  It is called a Chinese Painted Rock.

I normally pick up a scarf in every place that I visit, but as every scarf I found was $50 or more, I decided to pass it up and get a vase instead.  It is cute, and reminds us of the Native American pottery styles - I felt we were cheating ourselves since our rock bowl was actually from Pakistan and the other rock was actually from I wanted one more thing that was actually made in New Mexico.

What are your favorite souvenirs from vacations, trips, or honeymoons?


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