Monday, December 24, 2012

Happy Christmas Eve!

I can't believe it is already Christmas Eve!  It came so fast!

I'm working a 12 hour shift today for the dispatch center - what a  I guess we'll wait before we start singing silent night though.

I've already had one Christmas with my grandma and aunt, then having Christmas tonight with Tyler and my parents...and we were planning Christmas tomorrow with my other grandparents, but it seems that a white Christmas here in Oklahoma may prevent that.

Maybe we'll get to build a Parson Brown tomorrow, who knows.  And after six straight days of work, I'm excited for my days off!  I'll be sure to take some pictures of snow and our merry merry house!

One of my favorite memories from Christmas Eve was in China.  They call Christmas Eve Píng'ān yè (平安夜), which sounds similar to píng guǒ, or apple.  On December 24th, you will see street vendors selling extravagantly wrapped apples (in connection to the sound of apples to the name of the day, and the giving of gifts).

We were able to spread some Christmas cheer with our gate guard (mén wèi, 门卫) at our apartment complex by buying him some coffee.  He explained to us how Chinese New Year was equivalent to Chinese as Christmas is important to Americans.  Haha, he was funny.

Image Via China Through Jenny's Eyes of Christmas Eve Apples being sold on China streets.

Christmas Eve is probably my favorite day of Christmas.  What a great time to reflect on the meaning of Christmas and spend time with family.  So excited for Tyler to join us this year!

What is your favorite part of Christmas Eve?

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