Thursday, November 29, 2012

Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree

Have I ever mentioned that I am involved in a deep history of rocks?  Well, besides that we all live around lots of rocks, my well as my new family all are very fond of rocks.  

You see, my grandpa had tons of large cut and polished rocks that we use for decorative bookends around the house, and when we run out of books, they stand for decorations.  I also have some of those big rocks from him.  He and my grandma used to give me rocks from places they would travel, and I also used to collect random rocks on my own while playing in the cow pastures and up and down the country dirt road I lived on as a kid.  One of my rocks looks like a kit-kat bar.  Its pretty cool.

Here, I took a picture of the childhood famous kit-kat rock, just for your viewing pleasure.
My "kit-kat" rock from my childhood years.

My new family also appreciates the beauty and originality of rocks.  First of all, for every single birthday, Christmas, Valentines Day or Anniversary, Tyler always says he wants a cool rock.  For Christmas, he asked me to taking him on a rock hunting trip.  When he was a kid, his grandparents took him rock hunting-tales which he still talks about to this day.  The other side of his family works with rock formations as a result of being involved with the oil business, so Tyler grew up with not only rocks, but knowledge of rocks, fossils, and land formation.  Get him out on a hiking trip, he'll explain it all.

Here's Anthro's version.  You can see the original source here.

Todays ornament, first inspired by an Anthro Christmas Ornament browsing excursion left me with no choice of making one of my own.  Not only does it take less than 5 minutes, it represents both of our personalities so well!

Fools Gold

Chip from a Geode

Normal Rock? haha


What better time for Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree?


  1. pretty darn cool.

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    Happy Christmastime!


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