Thursday, November 29, 2012

Days of Christmas: Ribbon & Button Stocking

Today is the third installment of monogrammed stockings...if you missed the others, they are here and here.

You know those neat-o pearl necklaces with the bunched ribbon between each pearl?  (Yeah, you know, the one you've intended to make for three years but always forget to actually do it?)  That's what inspired this stocking's monogram for my sweet guy.  

Not that he would like pearl necklaces or anything.  

I used buttons, because those are more manly.

Sew first button and ribbon down together.

Bunch extra ribbon between each button so that it stands up.  I used hot glue as a reinforcement.

Do that for the shape of the monogram you are doing....I mainly suggest doing this for linear shaped letters...but if you are brave enough to try curved letters, be my guest!

T = Tyler.  'T' is actually a common nickname for him.  :P

Our song for the week is The Christmas Waltz.  I'm torn between Frank Sinatra's version and the version from She & Him.  I'll post them both.  :)

I guess it all depends on whether your taste is classic or indie...which one is your favorite?


  1. Hi Saxon. Came to say hi from a blog hop. You have a lovely blog and I am following you :)


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