Monday, November 19, 2012

Engaged Girl Funnies: Zombie Attack

Recently, I'm starting to realize Tyler and I don't have as much in common as I'd thought.

When we started dating, my apartment didn't have cable.  I don't really care for TV, and it wasn't free with my rent back then, so there was no need.  That entire year, when the topic of TV would come up, we both agreed that it was better to not pay for all that junk to fill your mind anyway.  When we watched movies, they would generally be cute movies (like How to Train Your Dragon or Tangled, or we'd go to see some spy or adventure movie).  Those movies aren't bad and to my knowledge, we both enjoyed them.

But now, my apartment has cable.  This means that we get all the basic channels.  I generally don't turn it on, but if I do, I'll probably let the channel land on the news, an old movie or HGTV.

What I've learned this semester, despite all our talks in the past about television, is that Tyler usually stops on the SciFi Channel.  (Oh dear, please help me.)  Isn't this the same junk filling the minds of young people that we'd talked about not wanting to have in our home one day?

Really?  Zombies.  That's what we watched tonight.  Zombies.  That's what we watch most nights now.   Zombies.

The moral of today's story is, even if your guy doesn't really like the idea of these shows, if given the opportunity, he may fall into the zombie mania trap.

It is contagious.  Kind of like zombies.

Take it from the girl who now (unwillingly) watches zombie movies in her spare time, don't let your guy follow the zombie frenzy mania fad.  If you do, you will be watching zombie movies every night after dinner.

You don't want to watch zombie movies after dinner.

No, really.  You don't.

Take that advice from me. ;)

(If you do, however, want to watch something funny about zombies, I'll recommend this video.)

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