Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Days of Christmas: Tinsel and Ribbon Monogrammed Stocking

A couple days ago, I showed you my first of four monogrammed stockings.  If you missed it, you can check out that post here.  Here is the one I made for my roommate.  It is a bit more glittery and girly.  I just bought some small tinsel ribbon and a tri-tone wrapped ribbon from walmart.

I didn't do any sewing for this monogram, just hot glue.  First, I glued the tinsel in the shape of the letter of her given name.

Then, I glued the tri-toned ribbon around the edges of the tinsel to define the shape.  The colors were also found in the stocking, so it really pulled it all together.

Okay, so that was really too easy for me to show you how to do.  I think this is a good one for anyone who is somewhat girly. (Guy's aren't into the pixie dust and glittery shimmer thing, from what I've been told.)

Finished Product
The happy couple's stockings :)
One of my other favorite wintery songs from the past is I've Got My Love to Keep Me Warm by The Mills Brothers.  Enjoy!


  1. Very cute stockings! Looks pretty easy too! Found you through a GFC blog hop and excited to be a new follower. I hope you will stop by my blog if you get a chance!


  2. Very creative! Love the way it came out:)

    1. Thank you, Mariel! This ended up being one of my favorites, the contrast worked out nicely on the monogram.


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