Thursday, August 9, 2012

Here, There...well, Everywhere!

Hi Coffee Readers!

Sorry I've been neglecting you!  I finally have my laptop back, however I am having to make do with an external keyboard and mouse since mine are quitting.  I got some pictures uploaded to my computer and edited from some of my adventures the past few weeks.

Tyler visited my parents' town with me a few weeks ago.  We went driving around and stumbled onto this neat church.  It is small, and a little run down, but a stunning building.  It is located in Pauls Valley, Oklahoma.

A view up the steeple. 

The church as a whole.

We also have seen many beautiful Oklahoma sunsets in our recent adventures.

Sunset from Highway 77
Storm Brewing East of Turner Falls

Sunset from Turner Falls.

Sunset from Turner Falls.
Tyler and I enjoying the sunset and weather.

Looking forward to posting again soon!


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