Thursday, August 2, 2012

I'm not gone forever...

To my dear Coffee Readers,

I promise, I will write and post pictures again someday soon.

Wanna know what's up lately? Well, good. I'll tell you.

I started a new job working in my school's Education Abroad office. It's been lots of fun, and I'm looking forward to interacting with all the students over the upcoming year...but goodness do I feel tired by the time I work all day and walk home in the Oklahoma heat (110°F or more).

Also I have recently dealt with my laptop's keyboard breaking, an unreliable car, the coffee maker at work breaking, running out of coffee at home and many situations that make my day a lot more complicated due to both of those issues. I spend a lot of time walking between campus and home in order to use the computer lab, but that takes so much time since I'm afraid to drive the car much. (First world problems, right?)

The life of a poor college student.

But my future sissy-in-law was exceptionally sweet today and surprised me at work with Starbucks.

My longtime roomie, Sherry, and I have had the pleasure of sharing the apartment with Kelsey this summer. Lots of fun girl times!

On a college note, I'm taking a class called History of Jazz. I'm kind of excited. Because, I want to know more than the basic Jazz songs everyone knows, and I think it would be fun to have a traditional ballroom dance at our wedding rather than the raunchy stuff my generation does. (I still don't understand it, and no it isn't because I was raised Baptist...I just think it looks silly.) No offense to anyone who goes dancing and has fun...I'm sure its fun. But, ballroom dancing is classy. I don't think rap crap will ever be classy.

Just saying.

So anyway, I'm hoping to discover some new artists to listen to through this class. Triple whammy...3 hours of credit, new music and wedding planning all in one.

Coffee readers, I'll leave you one last thought about life as a student here at the University of Oklahoma...

OU tends to have a cricket infestation starting near August every year. This year is particularly bad. I find these in the floor a lot. I'm not really sure where the rest of it is.

Ok, that was weird...and gross...and weird of me to show you that.


You're getting to know me too well I guess.

Back from my homework break...I'll post again as soon as possible!


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