Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Surviving a Long Distance Relationship | Pinterest Dates

One thing's for sure, being away from the love of your life for nearly six months changes things.  When I studied abroad for nearly six months, Tyler and I resorted to Skype and Google Chat to keep in touch.  Even still, since I've been back, many habits we picked up and things we learned about each other have come in handy in our day-to-day lives now.

Tyler enthusiastically telling me a story on Skype.

Recently, we have resorted to some of the same methods we learned while I was abroad to keep connected.  Although we now live very near, our conflicting work schedules have made it nearly impossible to see each other.

Last night as we chatted on Google Chat, Tyler did something that was not only fun, but something we did while I was in China as a way to "hang out" online.

Pinterest Dates: the act of simultaneously being on Pinterest and sharing links of things you like while video chatting.

I learned to love Pinterest while I studied abroad.  It is so addicting anyway, and when you miss all your American comforts, it is basically a way to live vicariously in your home country through Pinterest.

When Tyler realized my obsession...and after telling me that Pinterest was silly and for girls, he started stalking my Pinterest page.

I wonder what he thought of my wedding board back then. D:

But, in all seriousness...Tyler and I could make many connections as a result of going through my Pinterest boards. He especially likes looking through the food, and telling me which ones I should make (for him).  We would talk about pins we both liked, and why.  It helped us learn more about each other's tastes in style, food, furniture, homes, ideas for the future...and whatever else you pin on Pinterest.  He even figured out what engagement ring styles I liked due to Pinterest due to my wedding board.  Curious? A picture of mine is here.

Do I get kudos since no one had to tell him?!  He's just that good, ladies!

Last night we looked throught craft and project ideas that we could make together in the future.  We discussed the craft we plan to make as our wedding favors, how we can get the supplies and how much it will cost.

Additionally we had some good times laughing at the funny pins.

We'll get to spend some time tomorrow together, but I still feel Pinterest Dates offer a different twist to the time we get to spend together in person.  It is just another way to learn about Tyler's likes, while he is learning about mine.

(Not to mention, if you are engaged, Pinterest dates are pretty much essential in Wedding Planning together!)

I'll post again about some other cool techniques we learned last fall (and are still using) about how to remain connected even though you can't literally be together.

That's all for today, Coffee Readers!

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