Monday, November 25, 2013

DIY Starbucks Sleeve Christmas Ornament

Today, I want to show you a SUPER easy Starbucks themed DIY Christmas ornament.
Literally all you need is a medium sized ornament in the color of your liking, a left over Starbucks sleeve and a hot glue gun to attach them.

The way I did it was to put the glue half way down on the ornament and then slip it into the sleeve.  Trust me, it is going to work better this way than if you try to slip the ornament down into the sleeve without opening it up. 

After you open the sleeve, dab some glue in the central most point of the sleeve's interior.

Then stick the ornament on the glue evenly.

From there, glue each side back until they touch.  

When you are done gluing the backs together, they should meet up evenly like this.

 And now you have a super easy to make coffee themed ornament!  

And what's a Christmas ornament tutorial without actually seeing the finished product on the tree?

I think these would look great on red ornaments too!


  1. I guess you're definitely serious about the coffee-themed tree--I want to see the whole thing when you have it all together!

    1. Yes, I plan to get some pictures up once we get everything together! We are waiting to get the rest of our Christmas lights that got mixed in with my grandma's lights from our wedding when we see them on Thanksgiving. :)

  2. another cute ornament idea! thanks :)

  3. How creative!!! I love the coffee theme. :-)

    1. Coffee is pretty great! I just haven't decided what should be a tree topper on a coffee themed tree. :P

    2. How about a blown-up image of the Starbucks mermaid with feathery angel wings attached?

    3. Sounds like a great idea! I'm personally not really into feathers, but if you try it out I'd love to see it! :)


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