Saturday, April 11, 2015

Simplistic Spring Wreath

It is finally Spring, after all that snow the US had this winter!  Finally. 

I've already had to keep the weather on all evening due to severe weather, had tornado sirens go off in my area, video crazy hail and wind, worn shorts and flip flops, and do some deep spring cleaning in our apartment.

Earlier this year I was inspired by a simple wreath I saw on Pinterest.  I don't make it to the craft store often, but had some extra time this weekend while the husband was on a camping trip and took some time to get the supplies.  What I loved about this wreath idea was that it was mostly fresh looking greenery and wasn't focused on colors or being completely full and covering the whole grapevine.  

Two bushes of greenery (varying textures)
Single stem of light colored flower
Grapevine wreath

Wire Cutter
Floral Wire (or other small wire)

I really envisioned the focal point of this wreath being in the lower left part of the wreath.  I took the longer stem of greenery, snipped the stem about halfway, and then stuck it into the wreath.

Then I cut off a small section of the boxwood and sat it aside.  I snipped half of the long stem off and also stuck it in the wreath, angled just above the dangling greenery.

Then I took the small piece I sat aside and angled it coming out the opposite direction as the larger boxwood.

Next, I took the rose and experimented with how it looked best.  I determined that I would need to curve the stem close to the flower and then stick it directly through the wreath so that it would sit the way I wanted it to.

Once the stem was through the back, I wrapped it under one of the main stems holding the wreath together.

I kept wrapping until the stem was fully hidden behind the wreath.

The stem was curving out past the front of the wreath in one place where it was curving, and since it is more red than the other branches it was noticeable.  I took some floral wire to tack it down in the back.

 I just wrapped the wire around the stem and some branches in the back to help pull it out of sight.

Next, I needed to tack down the small branch of boxwood because it didn't have a stem long enough to ensure that it would stay put.

My camera battery died, so I didn't take pictures, but I also just made a loop of wire in the back to hang it to the door knocker on our front door.

My favorite part about this wreath is how simple and fresh it looks, and really adds some life to our otherwise drab door!


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  1. that's a lovely spring wreath, thanks for sharing the tutorial, i'm pinning it!

  2. It looks so good, especially against your dark door :)

  3. Gorgeous! So simple and elegant. Thanks for sharing

  4. Such a pretty wreath and so simple to make! Love! Thank you for sharing at Inspire Me Wednesday. Featuring you in this week's issue.


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