Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Morning in Algiers

On our second day in New Orleans, we decided we would take a $2 ferry across the Mississippi River to a historic neighborhood on the other side.  We didn't really know what to expect, but decided to walk around and explore.

Our hostel offered contenential breakfast, so we ate some bagels and cereal and drank coffee before we left.  We got some information about the street car and found the closest stop a few blocks away to catch a ride to the end of the line close to the river and the French Quarter.  

After walking right past the entrance to the ferry twice, we finally figured out where to go and caught the ferry just before it left.

The views from the ferry were definitely worth the $2 ride across!

Now on the Algiers side... 

The first thing that greets you once you get off the ferry boarding station is a giant statue of Louis Armstrong.  

I believe this statue is part of a Jazz walk of fame with other statues of important jazz figures, however we never saw the rest of the statues.  There was a large walking track that follows the river that we walked on for a few miles, the statues perhaps line the opposite direction than the way we walked.

Along the walking track we saw all kinds of action on the Mississippi from tugboats, cargo ships, to large Navy ships.

Flowers growing along the sides of the Mississippi and the walking/biking trail.

When we got back from our walk, we decided to eat lunch at the Dry Dock Cafe, near the ferry loading station.  

This was just your quaint little mom and pop type restaurant where you feel like you've known the waitress for years and you just get that small town atmosphere.

I had the crawfish maureenica, and Tyler had the muffaletta.  This was by far my favorite meal while in New Orleans.  You might not be able to tell how large this bowl is, but I ate most of it until I just couldn't anymore.  

It. was. so. good.

After lunch we headed back to the loading station and Tyler wanted to go look for street performances.

Back on the ferry, waiting on it to take off again.

It was amazing seeing some of these huge ships along the river, and with titles in many different languages.  

Tyler was surprised when I asked if this ship was named 17 February in Arabic, until he realized there was English just above it.

Do you prefer to go on trips with a fully booked day of activities, or schedule a few things and find things to do along the way?

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