Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Pop's - OKLA Route 66

The last stop of our spontaneous road trip on Route 66 was to Pop's - a stylish service station and one-stop-shop for almost any kind of pop you can imagine.  Pop's is located in Arcadia, Oklahoma - right off Route 66.  

Especially beautiful at night, the white architecture with soft lights invites locals and tourists alike to come in to choose an assortment of pop in vintage style glass bottles (really, you can't get those just anywhere in America these days), or to sit down to a classic American burger and fries.  

The front and back of the station are made of glass, with shelves upon shelves of sodas lining the interior portion of the glass.

You can choose from a creative selection of pop.  The coolers are labeled with general soda flavors, and then you can pick your specialty within that category.

Some of the selections are more about the packaging that what's inside.  
It's  the ideology that counts.

Leninade, Stalinade, and Cream My People - politically charged drinks available at Pop's.

Here you can see the whole back wall filled with soda bottles.  However, these bottles are not the ones for sale - they're just for showcasing the windows and are actually glued down.

In front of the station is a giant light up pop bottle with a straw that turns all sorts of different colors.

Each ring turns a new color until the whole bottle has finally changed colors.

Pop's is a relatively short distance from Oklahoma City, so it is often a popular destination for groups of friends, college students, and date nights.

You always have to drink one of your purchases while you're there, but even better is taking the rest of your 6 pack home to keep for later.  

We didn't actually fill the 6 pack, but the carrier is still very useful when you buy more than two.

Here in Oklahoma, we are in the middle of several different prominent regions in the US, each of which use different terms to refer to flavored carbonated sugary drinks.  Oklahomans therefore are just stuck in the middle of the cultural terminology for the drink, but most of us either use pop, soda, or coke to refer to any and all of them.  

One of my two choices was this "Hippo Size" Burley Birch Beer - very close to root beer.

I have personally grown up using the term "pop," but it really depends on your family as to which word you are accustomed to saying.  Just from my observations, it seems that using "coke" to refer to all brands of pop tends to happen most in the southern part of the state, but can be found anywhere in the state.  It always confusing when someone who uses "coke" as their general term states that they want a coke, and those who use an alternate word may think they mean a coca-cola, when in reality they just meant soda.

My other choice - both from the section for root beers.

What is the prominent term for non-alcoholic carbonated sugary beverages in your part of the world, and do you refer to it in the same way?

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  1. I say coke, my husband says soda, and my extended family all say pop because they live further north. It's a real debate around here. My parents used to go to Pop's all the time when they would go see my brother in the city. My mom picked them based on their name.... so it was always interesting to see what they brought home..

  2. suck an interesting place!! I usually drink coke,,.. so I call it coke, but when it;s another flavor I call it soda... and in Germany they call soda/pop Limonade, for example orange soda is Orangenlimonade!\
    [Stopping over via Travel Tuesday]

  3. So unique! Here in the UK we called them 'fizzy drinks' :)

  4. That's so cool! We have a place in so-cal called Old Town Temecula and they sell a wide variety of Rootbeers and they call it pop there too. It's so cool and I did a Rootbeer tasting and it was so good. So that's a cool place to see!

  5. I love Pops! It's one of my favorite places. And as far as carbonated beverages I call them soda and coke interchangeably. Mostly because I don't drink it much.

  6. We really are at a national crossroads around here as to what carbonated drinks should be called! There are really so many drinks that it is hard to pick them based on their flavor since there are so many different ones. We're definitely guilty of buying Leninade because we thought the name was funny, it really doesn't taste that good. :)

  7. That's such a huge variety!! Back home we call them fizzy drinks... or carbonated cooldrinks... but that might just be my family because we so seldom drink fizzy stuff that we don't have a short name for it ;)

  8. Pops is one of the few places in OK that I can get my Faygo Redpop fix! And we have NO problem filling up that six-pack! We grew up with the term "pop" and it took us a bit to get used to calling it "soda" in OK - just like it took us getting used to receiving iced tea when we ordered tea and expected a steaming cuppa!

  9. We took a trip to Pops with hubby's mom & brothers for the Fourth of July - it was fun, but so very crowded, and I'd love to go back when there are significantly less people and you don't have to reach through a crowd to pick a soda pretty much at random. I got a raspberry soda that was absolutely delicious! And several others. We filled up a six-pack between me, my sister, and my husband. :D

  10. I love POPs! We don't get out there enough. It's such a great place to take out of town guests.


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