Saturday, January 31, 2015

Friday Morning's Sunrise

Yesterday morning, I realized at the very hint of dawn that it was going to be a spectacular sunrise.

I had just gotten home from work a few minutes before, but headed back out to the car with my camera and drove to a nearby river trail in Oklahoma City.

The colors in this sunrise were probably the most vibrant I've ever seen.  

As the day set in, the colors started to fade more, but still beautiful.

The colors of the sunrise were all but gone by the time I reached a good viewing distance of downtown.  But the morning haze and clouds still made the city look outstanding.

I probably ended up walking a couple miles just enjoying the sunrise.  
When was the last time you had to stop what you were doing just to admire something too beautiful to not miss?
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  1. Wow amazing colors! So cool you caught all of it on camera! :)

  2. Thanks Christine! It was really beautiful that morning!


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