Sunday, December 28, 2014

Snowy Saturday

Saturday morning we had some snow come through Oklahoma.  At first it sounded like we wouldn't get very much, but even around noon it was still snowing.  By the time it stopped snowing, we had several inches of white, untouched snow.  

After finally convincing Tyler to venture to the cold outdoors with me, we had a great time seeing the nature near our apartment and playing in the snow.

There's nothing quite like duck prints in the snow...
We are always surprised how the ducks don't seem to be bothered by the snow and ice, but their tracks are just too cute.

Tyler's new hat from his sister is great!

Mischievous husbands have many mischievous faces.

Perfect snowball snow, unfortunately for me!

I'd say he hit the target a few times.  

If it isn't a snowball thrown at me, then I should obviously balance one on my head.

Tyler was not excited to go outside at first, but after I got him out the door he was having a blast running, throwing snowballs, and building snowmen!

Using the bridge to the gazebo at his own risk.

The beauty of snow makes the amount of cold almost worth it!  ...almost.

Tyler enjoyed making a snowman by the gazebo.  

He decided to move him under the roof on the interior rails.  We named him Fred.

Fred looked like he was missing a head, so Tyler made him one.

I guess Fred has antennas?  I didn't ask...

Now Fred has some arms.

After a morning full of falling snow, the sun came out and began to melt it all away.

Tyler with Fred the snowman, and his arms, antennas, and a nose?  Or a pipe?  Or sticking his tongue out?

Winter is pretty, but by the time we finished the snowman I was too cold and ready to go back inside.  I wish the cold didn't bother me so much so I could enjoy the pretty scenery more.
What is your sentiment toward Winter?
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  1. At least you had beautiful blue skies for your snowy day! I am not missing last year's cold, snowy winter at all, but you snapped some cool photos!

  2. Yes, the skies were beautiful, and the sun was fairly warm. It was mainly the wind that made it feel so cold. The two times the wind wasn't gusting it was pretty nice. How's the climate in the city you're living in now?

  3. wow we got some pretty darn good snow!

  4. Yep, it snowed all morning Saturday!


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